UniBoob NOOOooooooooo!!

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I am trying to be quick about this. Another excellent #OO show. I even tried something a little different this time. There are actual show notes with some of the randomness that comes out of chat.

Big props to our producer of this episode Captain SaltyHash with a .33 btc donation, the btc has had a wild ride over the past couple of weeks I am just curious were it will end up. Thanks also go out to our official Map Maker MartinJJ for his excellent album art. Enjoy

UniBoob NOOOoooooooo!


    Brad Sucks – In Your Face cc by nc sa
    Nasimiyu – Time is a Train cc by nc sa
    Suhov – Skunn cc by nc nd
    Umoja – Iku Aka cc by nc nd
    Stereoshape – So Loud cc by nc sa
    Umoja – Inyanga cc by nc nd
    Nil – Lost in My Head cc by nc nd
    Radio Nowhere – Alabama cc by sa
    The Mom Rockets – Stargazing cc by nc sa
    Biting Elbows – The Enjoyers cc by nc sa
    Playhaus – I Am Me cc by nc sa
So I randomly offered up this  and we ended up with these notes
Remember the No Agenda Stream needs support http://www.itmbox.com/campaigns/december-stream/
http://tumblr.4gifs.com/post/65670697595/tea-bags-commercial —— manimal likes this so you don’t have to
<SirGene> he (GitmoSlave) said ‘fuck the chatroom’
Someone said the ocean was toilet water blue, then someone else said their toilet water was never blue.
[01:47] <na_nutzo> My toilet had the blues after I got done with it this morning.
<SaltyHash> hard to imagine plumbing being a relatively new phenomena
1:37 central itm, sat, nov 2. Still open. Ryno is in bed, I think. 😉
Ryno is the most bearded/unbeardedest guy in the whole widest world! lgy!!!
We all have our differences, in the end we all have to poop.
Ryno! Ryno! Ryno! itm.


And remember life is better when we share

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