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Ahhh Where to begin. Sorry about the delay getting posted I was out of town at a beer tasting, got home finished out the post, hit preview and well the dancing duck below was gone.


A big thanks to Susan Joseph (edit I am a dumbass) of ccmixter stopping by to discus their BIG Summer Music Fest and her new show Prayer. It truly was a blast I could listen to her talk all day, she has a way with words that just kept me transfixed. Hopefully I can get her to stop by for an #Unformatted some time.

And thanks to my European production team who worked hard while I was off drinking beer. First off MartinJJ with the Album Art. Then Amsterdammack who made the show notes pretty twice and brought the duck back. And finally the sysadmin who only gets noticed when things go wrong. A big thanks for the hard work of  everyone who makes the show possible.

Now on to the show.

CC Mixter Susan Mixed In


Great White Buffalo - Burn Great White Buffalo – Burn – License: cc-by-nc-sa

Lorenzo's Music - Make It Clean Lorenzo’s Music – Make It Clean – License: cc-by-nc-sa

duckett - Wired But Disconnected


duckett – Wired But Disconnected (ft. narva9, Pitx) – License: cc-by-nc


snowflake - A Foolish Game (ft. Admiral Bob) snowflake – A Foolish Game (ft. Admiral Bob) – License: cc-by

Scomber - I won't tell' (ft. CiggiBurns & Keytronic) Scomber – I won’t tell’ (ft. CiggiBurns & Keytronic) – License: cc-by-nc

Carosone - Path of glass (ft. SackJo22, Evelyn Stettin) Carosone – Path of glass (ft. SackJo22, Evelyn Stettin) – License: cc-by-nc

copperhead - A Little Lovin (ft. Unreal_dm) copperhead – A Little Lovin (ft. Unreal_dm) – License: cc-by-nc

SackJo22 - Now We Are One (ft. Texasradiofish, Unreal_dm, Rey Izain) SackJo22 – Now We Are One (ft. Texasradiofish, Unreal_dm, Rey Izain) – License: cc-by-nc

scottaltham - Hear Us Now (poptastic mix) scottaltham – Hear Us Now (poptastic mix) – License: cc-by-nc

His Boy Elroy - Revolve His Boy Elroy – Revolve – License: cc-by-nc-sampling+

Zapac - Test Drive Zapac – Test Drive – License: cc-by-nc

MISSISSIPPI ALLIGATORS - Rock Sideral MISSISSIPPI ALLIGATORS – Rock Sideral – License: cc-by-nc-nd

MISSISSIPPI ALLIGATORS - Tu Chochito (Que rico) MISSISSIPPI ALLIGATORS – Tu Chochito (Que rico) – License: cc-by-nc-nd

The Natives - Out of My Head The Natives – Out of My Head – License: cc-by-nc-nd

Delachaux - I've Found a New Baby (Delachaux Reboot) Delachaux – I’ve Found a New Baby (Delachaux Reboot) – License:

Ménage Quad - Off The Wall (Album Version) Ménage Quad – Off The Wall (Album Version) – License: cc-by-nd

Solo Moderna - Hoop E Kack (Original Version) Solo Moderna – Hoop E Kack (Original Version) – License: cc-by-nc-nd

Ménage Quad - 1, 2, Skadoo Ménage Quad – 1, 2, Skadoo – License: cc-by-nd

Warp9 - My Name is Yum Yum Warp9 – My Name is Yum Yum – License: cc-by

Josh Woodward - Dead Code Josh Woodward – Dead Code – License: cc-by

Louis Lingg and the Bombs - Bring It On Louis Lingg and the Bombs – Bring It On – License: cc-by-nc-sa

The Toothaches - AS WE GO UP WE GO DOWN The Toothaches – AS WE GO UP WE GO DOWN – License: cc-by-nc-sa

Heifervescent - Last drop loverboy Heifervescent – Last drop loverboy – License: cc-by-nd

Doctor Popular - The Plan Doctor Popular – The Plan – License: cc-by-nc-sa

Pro Audio - The Castle in the Sky Pro Audio – The Castle in the Sky – License: cc-by

MISSISSIPPI ALLIGATORS - Perro Rastrero MISSISSIPPI ALLIGATORS – Perro Rastrero – License: cc-by-nc-nd

The Heart Pills - Mississippi Johnny The Heart Pills – Mississippi Johnny – License: cc-by


Chatroom Noise

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