18 Jul

What No Cup Holder For My Beer?

Last Fridays #OO show is finally here for your listening pleasure. Big shout out to SaltyHash for his .69696969 bitcoin donation and MartinJJ for his excellent album art. And yes the Captain loves his mower.

Download here

What No Cupholder For My Beer


Track listing to be edited in later when I get the wonderful listing from @Amsterdammack again.

OO-show 12 July 2013

The Womb – C.I.A. cc-by-nc-sa
ManInside - Manimal cc-by-nc-sa
Playhouse - We Stay Awake Tonight cc-by-nc-sa
Playhouse - She Makes Love Come Tumbling Down cc-by-nc-sa
Radio Star – A Common Tale cc-by-sa
In Isolation - The Wrong Girl cc-by-sa
The Field Effect – Ogunquit, ME cc-by-nc
Ending Satellites =  Draw The End Until You Have Crashec cc-by-nc-sa
Attractiv Eighties Woman - I Made Out With Your Mom cc-by-nc-sa
DirtyOldSpice - 84 cc-by
Bully - P.O.BOX cc-by-nd
Luca Bazz - Questo Passo cc-by-nc-nd
OpenChords - PlongeeStory cc-by-sa
Team Smile and Nod - Happy cc-by-sa
Herb A Go Go - Dj Barkäcs cc-by-nc-nd
Robbue Fulks - Real Money cc-by-nc-nd
Slim - Cortez & Pizarro cc-by-sa
Silence is Sexy – Take Me There cc-by-nc-sa
Avalanche - New life cc-by-nc-nd
Spiedkiks - Ear Conflict on Main Street cc-by-sa
Eclectec - Elecfunk (Roger Molls Remix) cc-by-nc
The Womb - Happy birthday Mr. President cc-by-sa
The Verandas - Liberty cc-by-nc-sa
Kismet - Phnom penh 1974 cc-by-nc-sa
Radio Nowhere - London Calling cc-by-nc-sa
Wintermitts - Sharks cc-by-nc
Heifervescent - Try Again cc-by-nc-nd
Enemy Jack - You Get All My Love cc-by-sa

I did get it posted though 🙂

And remember life is better when we share
18 Jul

The Thes?

I know it is late and missing track listings but I wanted to get it posted. Another excellent Unformatted featuring @EdyTheMighty

Download here

Logo OO Live Radio Unformatted


The plan is to come back and add in track listings later.

And remember life is better when we share
7 Jul

Shaving Ryno’s Privates

Another excellent show with great contributions from silver and robleather on music, made for an interesting mix. Album art by MartinJJ. And a big thanks to SaltyHash for his producer credit for his bit coin donations totaling  .8042   that allowed me actually go out and make my first ever purchase with bitcoin!

Download Here.

Shaving Ryno's Private Parts



And remember life is better when we share
3 Jul

Violates Good Tastes

This weeks guest expected to be hijacked. I guess it is getting harder to surprise them. On this episode of Unformatted we get to meet @Gurdonark one of the first to bring us wierdbient music.We talk law, cultural appropriation and I wish I had had asked about his kazoo driven Christmas album.

Download here

Logo OO Live Radio Unformatted

And remember life is better when we share
30 Jun

My Cleavage Smells Particularly Lovely Tonight

Another excellent #OO show. Big Shout outs to this episodes producers ViDouchebag with a $50 donation and SaltyHash with a .33 bitcoin donation. MartinJJ once again comes in with excellent album art. Something telss me I think he has something for boobs.

Download here

My Cleavage Smells Particularly Lovely Tonight


Also a big shout out to Amsterdammack he uploaded a bunch of tracks to the stream that I stole for the show then he hooked me up with show notes again.

Chris Squier – Thirtysomething Tragedy cc-by-nc-sa

Jesterman vs James DB – Too Hot To Funky cc-by-nc-nd

Funk Ferret – I Gotta Funky Thing  cc-by-nc-nd

Ant Neely – Lucky cc-by-nc-sa

JUANITOS – Black Samba cc-by-sa

CowaBunga Go-Go! – Malaguena Fever cc-by-nc

The Dead Rocks – One Million Dollar Theme cc-by-sa

.audiosport – The One cc-by-nc-sa

Sick of Sarah – Kick Back cc-by-nc-sa

The Mentalettes – fine fine fine cc-by-nc-sa

Espiritus de Gante – Chevy Pop cc-by-nc-nd

Great White Buffalo – Sleepwalk cc-by-nc-sa

Kevin MacLeod – The Complex cc-by

Kevin MacLeod – The Descent cc-by

Baby Scream – Nicole cc-by-nc-sa

Talk Less, Say More – The Something Sonata cc-by-nc-sa

Boy Without God – City Kids cc-by-nc-nd

Josh Woodward – Shot Down cc-by

Ben Walker – Bubble Bath World cc-by-nc-sa

The Freak Fandango Orchestra – A Russian Circus cc-by-sa

The Underscore Orkestra balancing Act, Chosen Kale Mazel Tov cc-by-nc-sa

Hank Penny – Alabama Jubilee cc-by-nc-nd

Johnny Hawaii – Lonely Smurfer cc-by-nc-sa

The Wavers – three Minutes to Escape cc-by-sa

Jackson F. Smith: Jackson Frederick Smith cc-by-nc-nd

James Yates – A72 cc-by-nc-nd

Gigandect – ᔤᙈᙜᙜᙓᖇ cc-by-nc

Crimson Blue – Nagual cc-by

In Isolation – The Wrong Girl cc-by-sa

Paper Navy – Swan Song cc-by-nc-sa

ish_kosova – Missing You cc-by

Metal On Metal – Bastard (The Sequel) cc-by-nc-sa

Talkshow Boy – Ice Police cc-by-sa

Dokkerman and the Turkeying Fellaz – Mongoose cc-by-nc-nd




And remember life is better when we share
27 Jun

The Jazzcast After Party

Another Hijacking of a Jazzcast guest goes exceptionally well. For this episode of Unformatted I talk with musician Kevin MacLeod, you may not know his name but I can pretty much guarantee you have heard his music. We talk about the finer things in life, listen to music, and discuss his plans for world domination using only a CC-BY license. You can follow Kevin on twitter at @kmacleod

Download here

If you hadn’t noticed Thanks to MartinJJ Unformatted has album art check it out.


Logo OO Live Radio Unformatted

Tracks  are in reverse order

And remember life is better when we share
8 Jun

It is a Cat Conspiracy

#OO show from June 7th, 2013, featuring Doug from the Music Manumit podcast. Was quite a lot of fun. You can follow him on the twitters at https://twitter.com/dawmusicmanumit. Once again featuring incredible album art from MartinJJ I think my smile captures the situation perfectly.

download here

Listen here


I will fix my enclosure issue later today. Right now I am hungry.

Album Art
Its A Cat Conspiracy

And remember life is better when we share
8 Jun

T Shirts for Sale

My interview from last weekend with the Freak Fandango Orchestra. Big Thanks to Jurgen and Noemi for coming out and hanging out. The interview ended up excellent regardless of me forgeting to hit record and then dealing with some atrocious lag.

Make sure to check out their site http://www.freakfandango.es/?content=start
and their twitter https://twitter.com/freakfandango

download here

Listen here


And remember life is better when we share
2 Jun

Electric Sparkles In The Ether

Another excellent #OO show from Friday night. I #FUBAR’D early and often. I wanna thank MartinJJ for excellent Art work as again. Producer credits go out to n3pro and IDouchebag for their donations of $50, and SaltyHash for my first bitcoin!

320mp3 here
128mp3 here

Listen here


The interview with The Freak Fandango Orchestra went excellent except for some horrible lag on Saturday I will try to get that posted soon. Well the half I remembered to record. The attempt to rebroadcast Lorenzo’s Music failed as my location Saturday evening was without power for a good 9 hours.

Electric Sparkles In The Ether

And remember life is better when we share
25 May

Now With Actual Show Prep

I know I shouldn’t be doing any but as the week progresses and I hear tracks I like, I have to write them down so I don’t forget them. Old age and senility are kicking in already. Awesome album art by MartinJJ as always.

Just for something different now with 2 different downloads.

320 mp3 here
128 mp3 here

listen here


Album art

And remember life is better when we share

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