24 Feb

Your Mileage May Vary

#OO show from Feb 22, 2013 Your mileage may vary. An excellent show with once again excellent art from MartinJJ.

Download here

17 Feb

Something With Socks, Pizza and Music

#OO show from Feb 15, 2013 a rocking show with excellent artwork from MartinJJ. Silver was unable to make it and bless us with sock pics so we got together and decided to send her some.

Download here.

10 Feb

Harassing the Neighbours

I have a devilishly good time playing with my new purchase the think geek annoy a tron 2.0 on the Captain. Hopefully he doesn’t come read this. Once again Magnificent art from the one the only MartinJJ thank you sir. And of course as always CitizenX brought the pron and Tequila.

Download Here.

4 Feb

Will Work For Money

Fridays #OO show once again with wonderful art by MartinJJ

Download here

31 Jan

Regarding the Discussion on Anime

For those of you who have never watched Dragon Ball Z I ask you to start with DBZ Abridged. This is episode 32 if you want context you can find it.

26 Jan

The Isreal Duckface Deathsquad

Last Friday’s @OO show With once again excellent art from MartinJJ. It was an excellent show.

Download here

14 Jan

Captain Negative’s Twat

#OO show from Jan 11, 2013 featuring album art from MartinJJ off a banned ad dropped by Silver in the chat room during the show.

Download here

14 Jan

We forgot to name this one.

Sorry y’all I have been behind on posting these, but I am working on catching up. This is from 2 weeks ago and I think there was a name that came up in chat but I don’t remember what it was. So here you go the #OO show from Jan 4,2013.

Download here

23 Dec

Tech Support for Captain Negative

We made it through another end of the world scare. The Mayans this time we made it.
So that means we have another #OO show for your enjoyment.

Download here

Enjoy album art by MartinJJ The Captain’s T-shirt by XKCD

16 Dec

The #OO Pizza is Ready

Last Friday’s #OO featuring excellent album art from MartinJJ once again.

I got Douged with a half hour left to go but I kept going and it is included in the pod cast.

Download here

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