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There are a lot of people who put in time and effort to make the stream happen. Below are the people that make it happen (in alphabetical order), how they help, and how you can help them.

OO (with some Unformatted overlap)

  • Amsterdammack aka Marc: He makes the show notes look pretty and is helping add content to the site. (Flattr, Paypal)
  • Douglas Whitfield aka daw: Interviews and Scheduling. (Amazon, Flattr, Patreon, PayPal, BTC [15ufmjCc5K7ukvfwWQo4JQ92RMri27mJ4u])

  • MartinJJ: Official #OO map maker and artist (He just plays for the love of the game)
  • Progo:  wrote the voting bot PintSize and occasionally commands PintSize to fling poo. (Pintsize, BTC [197ozCosn53L7As1cLEWEDmEaXXD72gyAa], doge [DHDhxbcr33kajmjsK1sTc7hXmdw29xk3Yk])
  • Voidzero aka Mark: sys-admin behind the scenes that make the things work. He is the man that Ryno email when I am panicking. (Coming Soon!)

Cerebral Rift

  • SndChaser: DJ (Flattr, Litecoin [LV5F6y4G7yX7G5o57ZeJwMVsSghqToXVPj], BTC [1A3jqVEGv8j1iiUmH9ZBQShv2znTQLGiWr])

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