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I. Requirements: 
To appear on Ryno’s OO show, you must be a musician that has released at least one track under a Creative Commons license. If you are involved in the CC community in some capacity other than as a musician, you are eligible for Ryno’s show called Unformatted.

II. Media:
Ryno can do mumble, phone (for US numbers), Google Hangouts, Facetime or Skype.

Hangout ID:
Skype ID: RynoTheBearded


III. When:
The OO show begins on Fridays at 6PM (18h) US Central and continues to 8:30PM (20:30) US Central. Ryno typically brings guests on about 6:15 (18:15) US Central.

It is also possible to stop by Ryno’s “after show”, which runs from 8:30PM (20:30) US Central to whenever Ryno goes to bed. However, Ryno will not schedule interviews after 11PM (23h) US Central. Things during the after show can get crazy. 11PM cutoff assures they don’t get too crazy. Like the OO show, guests during the after show tend to come on toward the beginning.

If this time does not work for you, you may be able to schedule an Unformatted with Ryno.

IV. Questions:
Ryno has real no set question list other than to ask guests for some tracks. They need not all be your tracks, but they do all need to be Creative Commons licensed. It is not an absurdist show (although it may at times be absurd) and it is not an avant-garde show. Ryno will ask you general questions about your music and how you got started using Creative Commons.

V. Chat

Ryno uses chat extensively during his show, for an interactive audience. You can connect at

VI. Length

Expect to spend about half an hour speaking with Ryno.

VII. Live Performance

Occasionally, we get asked about whether a musician is expected to perform live on the show. While a live performance is always fun, there is no expectation of this. Please let us know if you would like to perform live, and we will prepare to have the best sound quality to show flow as possible. Thanks for offering!

VIII. Contact

If you stumbled upon this page, the best way to reach Doug is through his GNU Social account. If for some reason you refuse to use free/libre and open source software, you can also find Doug on Twitter.

IX. Music Manumit
If you are here for Music Manumit, then you’ve come to the wrong place. Doug may have made a copy & paste fail. Doug also does Music Manumit scheduling.

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