Have you ever wondered what is the best way to get music to me? Well here is your answer.

First the requirements, it needs to be released under a creative commons license or public domain. That is it.

Now how to get it to me.

  1. If you use reddit submit it to the r/ccmusic sub. I am a mod there and watch for posts.
  2. Hit me up on twitter @RynoTheBearded
  3. If all that fails email it to submissions@rynothebearded.com

I prefer reddit because a post there will include a link to back to where the music can be downloaded and a posted license.

Any other questions just ask.




4 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. good idea!, but you may add a comment for artists that to the leads to the “more” tab

  2. Hey Ryno.

    We played on 09.07.2015 at “Cologne Commons”,
    maybe you remember – we were the opener of the evening.
    It was our first gig, something special for us.
    To stand onthe stage, singing with my to sons, our band.
    You told me after our gig that you recorded it completely.

    As I said – something special for us.
    Can you upload the whole gig and send me a link?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Actualy I have it uploaded already I will shoot you a link later tonight. Sorry for not getting it to you already. I got back from my trip and reality swallowed me whole and I have yet to recover.

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