18 Jan

Baby Animals Are the Yummiest

Another excellent #OO show for your listening pleasure. Big props to our producers Captain SaltyHash who came in with 1.04 BTC donation to go towards upgrading the broadcast machine, and RobLeather for his $30 donation dedicated to welder boobs. We are all glad that she is OK and maybe a big knock on the head will knock some sense into her. MartinJJ comes in once again with album art and Amsterdammack puts together some beautiful show notes for us.

Baby Animals Are The Yummiest


Chatroom Noise:


And remember life is better when we share
11 Jan

Stumble Start – Finishing Strong

After some severe difficulties I recover from crashing software and sound problems, which forced a late start and then a second late start, to bring you an excellent #OO and after party. Big props to RobLeather for coming in with a $30 donation and dedicating it to Teighnted, so they get get Co Producer credits for last nights festivities. as always excellent art work by MartinJJ.Stumble Start - Finishing Strong Show notes assembled by Amsterdammack. And Just because I forget to mention it sometimes Voidzero rocks.

#OO for 1/10/2014

  • NIL – NIL – Fix Me Up (Mastering) Jamendo
  • The Dead Rocks – Boogie Splash Crash Jamendo
  • The House of the Old Boat – Crashes Jamendo
  • Some Skeletons – Grand Hopes Bandcamp
  • Leslie Hunt – Your Hair Is On Fire Jamendo
  • Oh Yeah, the Future – New Brave Face Bandcamp
  • Cavashawn – Out Of My Mind Jamendo
  • Jonathan Coulton – I Feel Fantastic Jonathan Coulton
  • Brad Sucks – Come Back Jamendo
  • Brad Sucks – In Your Face Jamendo
  • George Woods – Lucky One Jamendo
  • Cletus Got Shot – Lady Liberty Bandcamp
  • Paul Klason – Back in the day Jamendo
  • Jamie Rumley – Blind Jamendo
  • T Bird and the Breaks – The Big E.Z. Bandcamp
  • The Wavers – Inigo (extended version) Jamendo
  • The Dead Rocks – Thelephone Call Bandcamp
  • Jason Weinberger and the WCFSO – Debussy – Printemps, II. Modéré FMA
  • AlterRed – A Glitch in Mind (All for Lovers) Bandcamp
  • Candy Says – Dead On Arrival Bandcamp
  • Candy Says – Melt Into The Sun Bandcamp
  • Crete Boom – Flatline Jamendo
  • Blue Ducks – Four, Floss, Five, Six FMA
  • Goo Goo Cluster – Whoops! Jamendo
  • Skabrot – Place where I belong Jamendo
  • Emerald Park – At the Circus Jamendo
  • Emerald Park – Istanbul Bandcamp
  • Pollarstars – Tick Tock Maltine Records (at the moment under construction)
  • Ez A Divat – Deep In The Neitherlands (Sinko remix) Budabeats
  • SFH-Smalltown heavy metal blues – SFH Jamendo



Chatroom Noise:




And remember life is better when we share
5 Jan

Ahh what a way to start a New Year

So let’s just say there was one of life’s little hiccups that got in the way of the #OO on Friday night. More important things needed my attention. I want to thank everyone for all the Karma it was appreciated.

Since there is no show from Friday I am giving you a file dump of the new years countdown. Unedited and only available here through btsync here is your read only secret BGPSLTQ6QFDCPIHV4GWQGB33QGEZ7O6BV

Enjoy and I will see you Friday.

And remember life is better when we share
28 Dec

Shamelessly Dumping it All On You

A post Christmas #OO. Big props to our Producers Captain SaltyHash and his .099 BTC donation and Captain iDouchebag for his Christmas gift. Excellent album art by MartinJJ as always.

Advanced warning Poop Story inside.

Official rules to used ipad 2 give away. Will officially be given away new years eve live in competition to be determined.

Shamelessly Dumping It All On You


  • Loudog – Coming Home jamendo
  • The A.G’s – Taking A Shit jamendo
  • The Anchormen – We All Like Ska bandcamp
  • SWY – Anytime Anywhere bandcamp
  • Radio Nowhere – Alabama bandcamp
  • Martha – The ballad of Lucy Connor (Part 1) bandcamp
  • Pornophonique – Sad robot pornophonique
  • Pornophonique – Game over pornophonique
  • Tomggg – Popteen maltinerecords
  • Vienna Ditto – Liar Liar bandcamp
  • Starlight Girls – Flutterby bandcamp
  • Ghost Chief – Ethernaut FMA
  • Ghost Chief – Arson FMA
  • LukHash – GRAVITY jamendo
  • LukHash – PIXELOVE jamendo
  • Prosthetik Intelligentz – SupercalifragilisticexpialaDOPESHIT FMA
  • Paul and Storm – The Captain’s Wife’s Lament (Live) Paul and Storm
  • T Bird and the Breaks – Somebody Had a Drinking Problem Last Night bandcamp
  • Rotten Lily – Incoming Shit Thru Fans bandcamp
  • Slim – Cortez & Pizarro  Jamendo
  • Jammin-Inc – Stop Jamendo
  • Pornophonique – Rock’n’roll hall of fame Jamendo
  • LukHash – Android LukHash
  • Tomggg – SO-EN Tomggg
  • Bayard Russell – I Will Chase You Jamendo
  • SWY – The end of heroes Bandcamp
  • Mike Falzone and the Peppermint Trick – Our Crappy Little Fairytale Jamendo
  • Rob Warren – Rise Jamendo
  • Ghost Chief – Cincy Bandcamp


Chatroom noise (good title)

And remember life is better when we share
21 Dec

Don’t Wish Me A Merry Christmas

Another excellent #OO show. In this Holiday season Karma to all of those in need.

Don't Wish Me Another Merry Christmas












#OO for Dec 20th 2013

Wow! So #OO! Very Shownotes:

wow so wow

I know it starts empty

but it will fill up! 🙂

Will get some food….


Sorry I was lazy and did not make it so nice looking like last weeks shownotes… I am just not MistahDarcy 😉

And remember life is better when we share
14 Dec

Friday The 13th All New Records

#OO for December 13th 2013




– December 13th, 2013 –

Pintsize lives here until he gets his permanent home.

Producer credit to Captain SaltyHash for his .1 BTC donation

And big thanks to Mistah_Darcy for making the show notes oh so pretty 

Album art by MartinJJ

Friday The 13th All New Records

Bandcamp link for Google searching Creative Commons music.

site:bandcamp.com “some rights reserved” ska -“Please refer to individual track pages for license info.”

“That’s a start…. Which is what it is meant to be.”

        -Some Guy, 2013

“btw for those that don’t know follow me @goldenphallus on twitter”

                -manimal [02:04]

“and? did grampa get laid?”

        -silver [18:32:41]

“I know some grandpas that don’t need any help getting laid”

                -progo [18:32:46]

NY Daily News – Mom super glued to store bathroom sued rescued

The Onion – Canadian city outlaws doorknobs

Geekologie – Finally: A Decent Sailor Moon Bra And Panty Collection

Postimg – Baby hat or something

Accordion Dresser

Twitter – purplevalkyrie status

Tumblr – Llamas GIF

YouTube – IRN-BRU Snowman Advert

Some guy with boobs and a cat

Some girl with a long ass tongue

Wall Street Journal Japan – For some fabric softeners no laughing matter

Twitter – Some weird Japanese shit

Rakuten – Sailor Moon Lingerie Set

Photobucket – Sailor Moon cosplay fail


Geekologie – Avatar cosplay

Welder Girl

BitCoin is just a fad!


  • The Sentries – Come With Me bandcamp
  • The Anchormen – We All Like Ska bandcamp
  • The Anchormen – #realtalk bandcamp
  • The Smoking Barrels – Modulation bandcamp
  • Son of Dad – Billy Corgan is a C***, Probably bandcamp
  • Carlos Dingo – Intro-Radio Pirata bandcamp
  • Carlos Dingo – Ride the ska reggae bike bandcamp
  • Carlos Dingo – Hong Kong Gangsters bandcamp
  • The Anchormen – Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur bandcamp
  • The Smoking Barrels – In”for” bandcamp
  • SECT – Masters and Slaves bandcamp
  • Old Radio – Anarchists Anonymous bandcamp
  • The Holybuttons – Shaker’s gang bandcamp
  • Owl & Antler – My Punk bandcamp
  • Owl & Antler – Fuck Ups bandcamp
  • Owl & Antler – Restless bandcamp
  • Rebuilder – Everything That I Hate bandcamp
  • Dead Ellington – Miracle bandcamp [ALL RIGHTS RESERVED] Included on this
  • AlterRed – A Glitch in Mind (All for Lovers) bandcamp
  • AlterRed – Nameless bandcamp
  • The Dada Weatherman – Circle of Sea jamendo
  • Michael Ellis – Seven Hours jamendo
  • Oceansea – Poetry For The Moon jamendo
  • Future Theft – I Picked the Wrong Day to Stop Sniffing Boat Glue bandcamp
  • SECT – We carry their crosses bandcamp
  • Son of Dad – Another Boring Night bandcamp
  • The Anchormen – Luke’s Mom bandcamp
  • Carlos Dingo – Twelve years bandcamp
  • Carlos Dingo – Country man bandcamp
  • Owl & Antler – Deal With a Demon bandcamp
  • Future Theft – Stay Grounded bandcamp
  • Martha – 1978, smiling politely bandcamp
  • The Anchormen – Morning After Club bandcamp

What happened to Samuel?



And remember life is better when we share
7 Dec

Dancing for the Chat Room Bunnies

Another excellent show. This time on the #OO show we celebrate MartinJJ’s Birthday and my new stand up desk. Big props to our Captain SaltyHash for his .16 btc donation. ( I am still enjoying the ride.) And of course MartinJJ for his wonderful album artwork. Also a big thanks to those who put together the show notes to allow me to post the show in near record time.


Dancing For The Chatroom Bunnies



The Randomness That is Chat

#OO Show For December 6th 2013

And remember life is better when we share
3 Dec

Rage and Frustration on Black Friday

An excellent #OO show as always. Hayduke_X from Rage and Frustration that airs on Stream 2 on Monday Nights stopped by chat and shared some metal with us. Captain SaltyHash comes in with a .1226 btc donation for another producer credit. MartinJJ as always with excellent album art.

Rage & Frustration On Black Friday



  • Professor Kliq – The Most Beautiful Day
  • T Bird and the Breaks – Two Tone Cadillac
  • Louis Lingg and the Bombs – Freedom Fighter
  • SFH – On the way – SFH
  • Boxofbrats – Wait, Always Wait
  • Kursed – Tsa tsa tsu
  • MMO – Twenty Years Behind
  • ZOE.LEELA – Pop Up
  • ZOE.LEELA – Bleed
  • Sweet Play – THE GIRL
  • Juanitos – Black Samba
  • T Bird and the Breaks – Hallelujah, Glory Be
  • Show Me Island – Really Wanna Know
  • Emerald Park – Lights of Sunday
  • Kris Roche – Shot Down
  • Black Market Serotonin – Singularity
  • Tony C – Entropy
  • Check Out Hayduke_X show on Monday night
  • axidance – Close your eyes for one second – you will not see the light. close for two – you will not see the world
  • axidance – A look in the eyes of death
  • Of The I – Of The I – Ascend
  • Paul and Storm – The Way-Too-Early Christmas Song
  • EXTRAtheBAND – Don’t you know
  • Shearer – Julia
  • Millionaire Blonde – Andrea Si Sposa
  • Shearer – Can’t stop it
  • EXTRAtheBAND – Don’t you know
  • The EGOTWISTERs – Extrovertiert (feat. Your Crew)
  • If you are at your computer while listing I highly recommend loading this gif https://lh3.ggpht.com/-0R11luEXQec/Ufa1dcmM4bI/AAAAAAAAOAI/0hWk-S3RVm4/s1600/baby-crying-dancing-monkeys.jpg for the next song
  • Imperial Tiger Orchestra – Yedao
  • Limbo deluxe – Shimmy Shimmy on the Left
  • Hot Fiction – I Just Want Your Body
  • *Captain Negative
  • twitter riot mastered

Random thoughts from the chat.

#OO 11 29 2013

And remember life is better when we share
25 Nov

Squatters Stories

On a very special #Unformatted I have Josh and Arno from Louis Lingg and the Bombs. They tell stories of Squatters and Squatters. Follow them on twiiter at https://twitter.com/LouisLingg and https://twitter.com/FlyinArno



http://www.reverbnation.com/louislinggandthebombs enjoy.

And remember life is better when we share
25 Nov

Let’s Bet We’ll Save The World

An extra special #OO show featuring Jurgen from The Freak Fandango Orchestra were he kicks of their crowd sourcing campaign!! Check it out and make sure to support them at http://www.verkami.com/projects/7294-nuevo-disco-de-the-freak-fandango-orchestra it is a great project and make sure to let them know you came from the #OO show. We got a stretch goal for support for the #OO show. Producers are Captain SaltyHash with a 7.77777 ltc donation and Captain ViDouchePad $140 to help get the Freak Fandango Orchestra to a $100 euros to do a cover :). Album art from MartinJJ. As always enjoy


Let's Bet We'll Save The World




Random rambling from the chat room.

Team Dayglo


progo> martinjj can draw me stuck on the toilet

The Grey cup that is a thing?

View post on imgur.com

the #oo credo http://31.media.tumblr.com/94965ee233ee3846c6ab1d64bb1d94e5/tumblr_muf0gkQt5V1qfkj1ho1_500.jpg





The deal is if they raise 100 euros from the #OO they will do a cover of George RR Martin Write Like the wind by paul and storm

700 from the #OO they do a naked dancing video


<RegimeToppler> Did it not have a capital before?

<silver> ottowa has been the capital since at least 1993

And remember life is better when we share

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