#OO Presents Live from Ryno’s: Jon Worthy on 7/30 at 7 PM Central

Coming up this Saturday we will be having Jon Worthy perform another live set for us. We will be live on the #OO Stream, the No Agenda Stream and Twitch! We are scheduled to start around 7 PM! My Twitch Channel Live Schedule Virtual Tip Jars: @jonworthymusic on Venmo $jonworthymusic at CashApp

CULLAH & SPIEDKIKS – Be Nine To Thrive (The Hollenbach Remix)

Cullah and Spiedkiks both had new releases and Hollenbach suggested a remix. #OO Presents released under a cc by license https://www.cullah.com/ https://www.spiedkiks.com/

His Moustach Makes My Beard Jealous

I hope he realizes how big of a compliment that is. Any I wanted to share with you the the Ukulele Clan Band just came out with a new release called No Sugar. I look forward to getting to dig into it today at work. enjoy!   No Sugar by Ukulele Clan Band

New T Bird album coming in January!

It is no secret that T Bird and The Breaks is one of my favorite bands. So excuse me why I am little excited for a new track from them. Justine by T Bird & the Breaks

Superstar Destroyer Records

A new find on my list of cool labels. The album I want to present today is one I found via a tweet from the label that gave this post the name. The label is based in Manchester and say they are “devoted to all kinds of leftfield goodness; progressive rock, trip-hop, post-rock, electronica, shoegaze, alternative rock and everything in between.” …

In between sun and rain

I was on my way home from work and got stopped by several rain showers. In a bus stop I was sitting down and started listening to the album that I would like to share today.  I seemed to be the only one not grumpy about the weather and I blame it on this album. Most of the songs are …

Surprise of the day

Everyday I try to listen to 2-3 new albums and 2 or 3 that I have listened before. I want to give every album a second chance, because quite often find myself not able to say if I like it or if I want to like it. Today’s daily post is about an album that did not need a second …

Rock the sick bones

In case you’ve been wondering I was sick the last few days, so there have been no daily posts by me. Actually I felt so sick, that I could not really listen to new tracks or work on one of my planned cc-beginners series, that I will explain next week a bit more. So I thought on my way to work …

Move The Head

I have been noticing my subscriptions on YouTube today and it appears the Spiedkiks are releasing a few videos today. I highly recommend checking the videos and the band out.