The Crew of 53

21 Jan 2015 by naryno, 2 Comments »

We have our Captains, now we need a crew.

The crew of 53.

  1. Seaman mtnvortex
  2. Seaman Amsterdammack
  3. Seaman JRK 3, Manimal
  4. Seaman John Fletcher
  5. Seaman oz_tunan
  6. Seaman Silver
  7. Seaman Fips
  8. Seaman MartinJJ
  9. Seaman kraai
  10. Seaman brettiquitte
  11. Seaman progo
  12. Seaman Doug
  13. Seaman the one guy
  14. Seaman Pintsize
  15. Seaman teighnted
  16. Seaman beernurd
  17. Seaman RobLeather
  18. Seaman SpecialFriend
  19. Seaman MistahDarcy
  20. Seaman Kytheavc
  21. Seaman Jurgen and family
  22. Seaman Josh and family
  23. Seaman Arno and family
  24. Seaman Sir Walter
  25. Seaman Anne Marie
  26. Seaman genewitch
  27. Seaman kcdills
  28. Seaman MajorDowner
  29. Seaman Willie
  30. Seaman SirBermose
  31. Seaman aDudeNamedBen
  32. Seaman SpookyR
  33. Seaman The Seattle Star
  34. Seaman BillyBon3s, Knight of Twin Peaks
  35. Seaman hammerron
  36. Seaman Michael Gregoire
  37. Seaman Sibyl
  38. Seaman DameBemrose
  39. Seaman Don Mills
  40. First Class Seaman Ciardelo
  41. Seaman black6
  42. Seaman Lavish
  43. Seaman quirkness
  44. Seaman Pierce LLC.
  45. Seaman Spied
  46. Seaman Kik
  47. Seaman Laren Ball
  48. Seaman LarsVader
  49. Seaman Betty Solero
  50. Seaman ABLE KIRBY
  51. Seaman Steve Edwards
  52. Crew spot available
  53. Crew spot available

To become a crew member donate $10 or more to the #OO show.

We now officially have a First mate which is reached after donating a $100 to the show.

First Mates:

David Taylor

And remember life is better when we share


  1. Aye aye matey. Scurrrrrvey!

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