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30 Nov

Ecletek- Jo

I need some power. 1 paper done except for final revisions second paper needing to be started. Both due Monday [&hellip

26 Nov

Goods Friends Won’t Rip you Off

There is something good to be said about good friends

24 Nov

Bathtub Porn

Here is the latest edition of the #OO show. A big thanks goes out to MartinJJ for his wonderfull artwork. [&hellip

24 Nov

A Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol pt 1

Here it finally released written by  Scott Mckenzie and read by me part 1 of “A Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol” [&hellip

23 Nov

In honor of Black Friday

I never plan on shopping on black friday again

21 Nov

Lorenzo’s Music- Downtown

Did not know this existed. Apparently was shot for the onion. &nbsp

21 Nov

This Public Life Smile Live

I do love this song it always makes me wanna smile

19 Nov

Thomas Allan- Sensation

Download it from Jamendo

18 Nov

Rocking Your Organic Socks

#OO show from Nov, 16 2012 one hell of a rocking show. Thanks to MartinJJ for the art work. Download [&hellip

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