Your Mileage May Vary

#OO show from Feb 22, 2013 Your mileage may vary. An excellent show with once again excellent art from MartinJJ. Download here

Something With Socks, Pizza and Music

#OO show from Feb 15, 2013 a rocking show with excellent artwork from MartinJJ. Silver was unable to make it and bless us with sock pics so we got together and decided to send her some. Download here.

Harassing the Neighbours

I have a devilishly good time playing with my new purchase the think geek annoy a tron 2.0 on the Captain. Hopefully he doesn’t come read this. Once again Magnificent art from the one the only MartinJJ thank you sir. And of course as always CitizenX brought the pron and Tequila. Download Here.