Dead Unicorns and Tequila Shots

31 Jul 2013 by naryno, 1 Comment »

I got my stuff from the band Dead Unicorn and I love it. The collection of stuff is awesome and the record is an unhealthy pee yellow. But anyways here is this weeks #OO show. Big Shout outs to my producers for this week we had the lucky number 3 this time. SaltyHash with 1.1111111 bitcoin, iDouchebag with $50 and a new producer for the #OO Progo with $20. Big thanks to all them which allowed me to purchase Paul and Storms complete collection for the show.  And always MartinJJ with some excellent album art.

Download here

And speaking of Album art

Dead Unicorns And Tequila Shots



And why I am at it Amsterdammack tried his best to show me up again with a pre show. But, I can’t give him to much of a hard time because thanks to him once again we have track listings.


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  1. […] Qui trovate tutta la trasmissione, buon ascolto! […]

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