Archive for August, 2013

26 Aug

Double Penetration

Friday night’s #OO show for your listening pleasure. A very excellent show if I don’t say so myself. Producer credits [&hellip

19 Aug

Old Computers, Pizza Pies & CC Music

Fridays’s excellent #OO show for your listening pleasure. Producer credits go out to Captain Douchebag for his $50 Donation and [&hellip

11 Aug

Captain Douche & Captain Negative

Another excellent show where we officially bring a new Captain on Deck. Captain Douchebag gets his official ceremony and has [&hellip

3 Aug

Freak Fandango Ochestra- Jurgen +1

An excellent #OO show where I mess with Jurgen from the @freakfandango orchestra with my wicked American ways. Excellent art [&hellip

1 Aug

Cheap Pizza and Good Wine

Another excellent Unformatted featuring Juergen from The Freak Fandango Orchestra and his friend Toni Mateos. Juergen brought the cheap pizza [&hellip

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