A Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol Part 3

Part3 is ready for download get it here So what’s it all about? It is Christmas Eve. After eight years in office, President Ebenezer Scrooge is preparing for his last Christmas Day address to the nation before leaving the White House forever. Having rescued the economy from near-bankruptcy, he plans to spend his retirement enjoying the fruits of his questionable …

A Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol pt 2

Part 2 of Scott Mckenzie’s retelling of the classic A Christmas Carol with Ebeneezer Scrooge as the President. He has already seen Marley’s ghost in part 1. Now it is time for his visit from the ghost of Christmas past. Available for the kindle through noagendanovels.com Download Part 2 here.

Ecletek- Jo

I need some power. 1 paper done except for final revisions second paper needing to be started. Both due Monday along with the final. Let me borrow a little of yours

Bathtub Porn

Here is the latest edition of the #OO show. A big thanks goes out to MartinJJ for his wonderfull artwork. Download here and for those wondering this is my new home I will start posting more and more here as time goes on I will still use my NANN feed just instead of giving you the direct link it will …