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27 Apr 2013 by naryno, No Comments »

Another excellent edition of the #OO show with special guest Zac Shaw of Dead Unicorn, coming on to discuss their kickstarter and Creative Commons music. Breaking my cherry for my first live musician interview on the #OO show. I also broke in my new computer setup which went off surprisingly with no FUBAR’s, even more amazing considering I will still setting it up 5 minutes before show time. We actually had the magic number 3 producers for the show with the Vicount iDouchebag coming in with a $50 donation BlueDouche and RobLeather both coming in with $25. RobLeather’s was dedicated to his sweetheart welder chick teighnted. MartinJJ as always came in with awesome album art and we announced the first new show to the music stream. SndChaser will be premiering his CerebralMix on the stream on Sunday night from 7 to 9 pm EST so come on out and check that out.

but anyways here is the show download

Listen here


Album art here

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