Your Favorites?

4 Oct 2013 by naryno, 5 Comments »

Then end of year is on it’s way. What are your favorite tracks? bands? let me know in the comments.

And remember life is better when we share


  1. Manimal says:

    Fuck It Up – Tbird and the Breaks

    Rolling With The Punches – The Blue Stones

    Goals – The Dark Clan

    Manimal – Maninside

  2. Manimal says:

    My Girl Dances – Hot Fiction

    Somebody Had a Drinking Problem Last Night – Tbird and the Breaks

    Ray’s Swing – Cloudfactory Soundsystem

    Beat Of A Preacher Man – Shimi Sonic

  3. Ben Walker – You’ve Been Missing Everything I Do
    The Wispy Hummers – For Now
    Candy Says – Lord’s Mistake

  4. SiliconSpin says:

    Professor Kliq – The Most Beautiful Day
    SWY – Anytime Anywhere
    Radio Nowhere – London Calling
    Pornophonique – Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame
    Brad Sucks – In Your Face
    Slim – Picture of You

    I could list fifty more easily.

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