The Parable of Broken Cities

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Another excellent #OO show! This time Tony and Nick from Broken Cities stop by to talk music, and being 16 and pregnant. Their new album is out next month. I for one am looking forward to it!

Big thanks to my European production team MartinJJ and Amsterdammack for making me look good.

The Parable Of Broken CitiesTonight’s show produced by Saltyhash with his 5 ltc donation and ViDouchebag gets one on a make good from last week when I forgot to list his $50 donation.

Enough yapping enjoy the show.


Glen Raphael - Flying Spaghetti Monster Hymn Glen Raphael – Flying Spaghetti Monster Hymn – license cc-by-nc-sa

The Freak Fandango Orchestra - Hey Moe The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Hey Moe – license cc-by-sa

Broken Cities - Toska Broken Cities – Toska – license cc-by-nc-sa

Broken Cities – Anemoi – unreleased

The Gunshy - Silent Songs The Gunshy – Silent Songs – license cc-by-nc-sa

The Gunshy - Anarchists On Foodstamps The Gunshy – Anarchists On Foodstamps – license cc-by-nc-sa

Glen Raphael - iPhone Glen Raphael – iPhone – license cc-by-nc-sa

Dr. Mindflip - Too little - too late Dr. Mindflip – Too little / too late – license cc-by-nc-nd

Matthew Tyas - Gang Flying Matthew Tyas – Gang Flying – license cc-by-nc-sa

The Lathe Symphonic - Tyrannosaurus Rox The Lathe Symphonic – Tyrannosaurus Rox – license cc-by-nc-sa

The Lathe Symphonic - Sweet Love Song The Lathe Symphonic – Sweet Love Song – license cc-by-nc-sa

Doctor Popular - lolCats Doctor Popular – lolCats – license cc-by-nc-sa

MoreEats - Maybe TonightMoreEats – Maybe Tonight– license cc-by-nc-nd

MoreEats - Like 4 On The Floor MoreEats – Like 4 On The Floor– license cc-by-nc-nd

Birocratic - Barbra Birocratic – Barbra – license cc-by

The Gunshy - The Independent The Gunshy – The Independent– license cc-by-nc-sa

The Maggie Whackers - Pim song macallan The Maggie Whackers – Pim song macallan – license cc-by-nc-nd

The Maggie Whackers - Sans Regrets Sans Remords The Maggie Whackers – Sans Regrets Sans Remords – license cc-by-nc-nd

The Gunshy - Large-Hearted Blues The Gunshy – Large-Hearted Blues – license cc-by-nc-sa

The Toothaches - Easy The Toothaches – Easy – license cc-by-nc-sa

The Toothaches - Easy The Toothaches – Lonesome – license cc-by-nc-sa

Vienna Ditto - Little Fingers Vienna Ditto – Little Fingers – license cc-by

Jenn Kelly - Jesus Complex Jenn Kelly – Jesus Complex – license cc-by-nc-sa

Vienna Ditto - Feeling Good Vienna Ditto – Feeling Good – license cc-by

Dr. Mindflip - Losing it Dr. Mindflip – Losing it – license cc-by-nc-nd

Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys - Devil's In The Details Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys – Devil’s In The Details– license cc-by-nc-nd

Vienna Ditto - Whatever Comes My Way Vienna Ditto – Whatever Comes My Way – license cc-by

The Gunshy - Large-Hearted Blues The Gunshy – Getting High In Denver -license cc-by-nc-sa



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