A french evening

7 Aug 2014 by Amsterdammack, No Comments »

Today I had a French evening with two cc-related artists. After leaving work much later than expected, I was not able to be in time for my appointment with DJ Habett, but he was very forgiving when I showed up 30 minutes late!

We talked about the differences about ccmusic in France, Germany, Holland and the US. I learned that he actually studied law, but decided to become a programmer for lawyers.

His interest was always with copyright laws. As a programmer he got infected by free licenses virus and so it is not wonder that he releases his works under a creative commons license.

After about 1.5 hours later I had to leave, but we made an appointment for Sunday for further conversation. When I brought him close to his stay, I was leaving and listening to some awesome french album on my way home:

The album starts with a very nice┬árock track and I expected it to be a full on rock album like one of the early “The Strokes” albums, but more impressive, they show a lot of variety on this album that was released in 2007. I really wonder why I missed it so far, but it made this french evening just complete!

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