Headaches With The Toothaches

31 Aug 2014 by naryno, 2 Comments »

Another great #OO show. We are joined by The Toothaches for an interview and a short live set. Which unfortunately has some audio issues  to it. We did a brief sound check earlier and and it seemed to sound good but as the songs picked up we started getting issues in the sound. I apologize for the bad quality and will work on trying to do it again to make it sound better. I really want to thank the toothaches for being the first band to attempt something like this for the show it was awesome. I had fun hanging out with them during the afterparty they got to see more of the Captain than everyone ever expected.

Headaches With The ToothachesThanks to our producer  oz_tunan for coming in with a beer using bitcoin.

Props to MartinJJ for his work on the show notes and album art.

Anyways enjoy.



Chatroom Noise

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  1. Amsterdammack says:

    I was falling asleep just before the show and had some kind of an emergency after it. Great shownotes!
    Will listen to the show when going to work in a few hours…

  2. […] – The Toothaches – I Feel Fantastic (JoCo cover) – CC BY-NC Licensed – Hear them on Rynothebearded’s show – From AmsterdamMack —————– 28:24 – No Monster Club […]

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