Archive for August, 2014

10 Aug

Piracy Feeds Babies

I know it is not music but it fits in with the normal rants on the actions of the mafiaa

8 Aug

Let’s feel fantastic

This morning I received a long awaited email from Ryno. He got the permission from The Toothaches to release exclusively [&hellip

7 Aug

My Friend Ethan

Before we played Hearthstone. What he did after we played Hearthstone. Ethan after playing Hearthstone. Remember friends don’t shut the [&hellip

7 Aug

A french evening

Today I had a French evening with two cc-related artists. After leaving work much later than expected, I was not [&hellip

6 Aug

Dryer F&%king

Another excellent #Unformatted featuring Craig Maloney of Open Metal Cast fame. Craig introduces me to a new description for a [&hellip

6 Aug

I feel old

Time for my daily post and I have to say that I felt old when I was reading the release [&hellip

5 Aug

Josh Woodward: “Perfect”

I always find these cool. Josh Woodward releases another new videosong

5 Aug

Another great release

Today I planned to write a bit bout the “big players” in the community. FMA, Jamendo, Bandcamp, Frostclick, ccmixter and [&hellip

4 Aug

The daily posts

Ryno and me thought it would be a good idea to start with daily posts over here. We did one [&hellip

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