A Tear Gas Sunset Over Seamen & Spiders

18 Apr 2015 by naryno, 1 Comment »

A Tear Gas Sunset Over Seamen & SpidersAnother great #OO show were I am just a little bit bitter. Josh from Louis Lingg and the Bombs stops by to talk about their new album.


We bring on 2 new Seaman to the crew with beernurd coming in with a $20 donation and RobLeather coming in with a $30 donation. Welcome aboard.

As always a big thanks to MartinJJ and Amsterdammack for making sure we have great show notes. I must say my favcorite part of Saturday morning is waiting for the new album art from MartinJJ to come in. He always does such a great job.





Josh – Louis Lingg and the Bombs





Chatroom Noise

And remember life is better when we share

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One Comment

  1. Josh says:

    Great show. It was great to spout rubbish on the digital airwaves.

    Really looking forward to seeing you in September over here in europe. You can stay with us in Paris and we’ll try to set up amazing concerts and parties. Paris rocks!


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