Space Junk All The Way To Mars And Beyond

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Space Junk All The Way To Mars And Beyond#OO for 2/5/2016 Aka Progo’s Father’s Nudist Cruise

MartinJJ with awesome album art.

Shownotes by MartinJJ.

Enough of this yapping on to the show


Chatroom Noise

  • <RynoTheBearded> wait do I not get a scooby snack?
  • <progo> my wife never wears anything if she’s inside the apartment
  • <RynoTheBearded>
  • <RynoTheBearded> yup that is something that always worries me
  • <progo> Amsterdammack:
  • <RynoTheBearded>
  • <MartinJJ> there are laws now parts of space vehicles may not be bigger then a certain size and weight, so they actually burn up in the atmosphere when falling back unintended.
  • <MartinJJ > Before they made satellites the sizes of schoolbusses and shit comes falling down regularly
  • <Amsterdammack> I just imagined a burning bus dropping from the sky in the middle of Amsterdam
  • <Amsterdammack>
  • <Amsterdammack> I had a nostalgic afternoon on that page today
  • <MartinJJ> lol. reminds me of the ping-pong ball virus 🙂
  • <RynoTheBearded>
  • <MartinJJ> holy fuck, that was an expensive crane crash
  • <GummyNerds> did i miss ALL the fun?
  • * Amsterdammack The puzzle said 1-3 years and I did it in 1 hour!


And remember life is better when we share

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