Hissing Pallas Mooneating Maggots

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Hissing Pallas Mooneating Maggots#OO for 4/1/2016 Aka  Being nice to Canada

Big thanks to Captain ViDouchebag for his $50 donation to be this weeks producer once again.

MartinJJ with awesome album art

Enough of this yapping on to the show




Nick and Nora of Hissing Pallas

Chatroom Noise

  • RynoTheBearded> https://starfrosch.com/hot-100/2016/13/rock
    HellOO|35075> lol buy their album on bandcamp
  • <HellOO|35075> https://hissingpallas.bandcamp.com/
  • <RynoTheBearded> http://imgur.com/dUF6nyJ
  • <SaltyHash> that some of the updates aapl rolled out recently may have let DOJ into the devices they had the icloud info for
  • <SaltyHash> I didn’t fully grasp it, not an iOS user, wondered if it seemed legit to progo tech expert
  • <SaltyHash> the theory is that is the reason the case was dropped
  • <HandsomeDevil> Easton time!
  • <HandsomeDevil> fyi – Listening to your shows is about the only way I hear new music. I haven’t seriously listened to commercial radio in years.
  • silver> http://amoryrailroadfestival.com/

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