The Jazzcast After Party

Another Hijacking of a Jazzcast guest goes exceptionally well. For this episode of Unformatted I talk with musician Kevin MacLeod, you may not know his name but I can pretty much guarantee you have heard his music. We talk about the finer things in life, listen to music, and discuss his plans for world domination using only a CC-BY license. You can follow Kevin on twitter at @kmacleod

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If you hadn’t noticed Thanks to MartinJJ Unformatted has album art check it out.


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Tracks  are in reverse order

4 thoughts on “The Jazzcast After Party

  1. What a cool show!
    You two guys should make a TWID show (This week in drinks)

    1. I know that came out really good. I have invited him back again hopefully he will stop by again sometime.

  2. “really well”

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