Friday The 13th All New Records

#OO for December 13th 2013




– December 13th, 2013 –

Pintsize lives here until he gets his permanent home.

Producer credit to Captain SaltyHash for his .1 BTC donation

And big thanks to Mistah_Darcy for making the show notes oh so pretty 

Album art by MartinJJ

Friday The 13th All New Records

Bandcamp link for Google searching Creative Commons music. “some rights reserved” ska -“Please refer to individual track pages for license info.”

“That’s a start…. Which is what it is meant to be.”

        -Some Guy, 2013

“btw for those that don’t know follow me @goldenphallus on twitter”

                -manimal [02:04]

“and? did grampa get laid?”

        -silver [18:32:41]

“I know some grandpas that don’t need any help getting laid”

                -progo [18:32:46]

NY Daily News – Mom super glued to store bathroom sued rescued

The Onion – Canadian city outlaws doorknobs

Geekologie – Finally: A Decent Sailor Moon Bra And Panty Collection

Postimg – Baby hat or something

Accordion Dresser

Twitter – purplevalkyrie status

Tumblr – Llamas GIF

YouTube – IRN-BRU Snowman Advert

Some guy with boobs and a cat

Some girl with a long ass tongue

Wall Street Journal Japan – For some fabric softeners no laughing matter

Twitter – Some weird Japanese shit

Rakuten – Sailor Moon Lingerie Set

Photobucket – Sailor Moon cosplay fail


Geekologie – Avatar cosplay

Welder Girl

BitCoin is just a fad!


  • The Sentries – Come With Me bandcamp
  • The Anchormen – We All Like Ska bandcamp
  • The Anchormen – #realtalk bandcamp
  • The Smoking Barrels – Modulation bandcamp
  • Son of Dad – Billy Corgan is a C***, Probably bandcamp
  • Carlos Dingo – Intro-Radio Pirata bandcamp
  • Carlos Dingo – Ride the ska reggae bike bandcamp
  • Carlos Dingo – Hong Kong Gangsters bandcamp
  • The Anchormen – Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur bandcamp
  • The Smoking Barrels – In”for” bandcamp
  • SECT – Masters and Slaves bandcamp
  • Old Radio – Anarchists Anonymous bandcamp
  • The Holybuttons – Shaker’s gang bandcamp
  • Owl & Antler – My Punk bandcamp
  • Owl & Antler – Fuck Ups bandcamp
  • Owl & Antler – Restless bandcamp
  • Rebuilder – Everything That I Hate bandcamp
  • Dead Ellington – Miracle bandcamp [ALL RIGHTS RESERVED] Included on this
  • AlterRed – A Glitch in Mind (All for Lovers) bandcamp
  • AlterRed – Nameless bandcamp
  • The Dada Weatherman – Circle of Sea jamendo
  • Michael Ellis – Seven Hours jamendo
  • Oceansea – Poetry For The Moon jamendo
  • Future Theft – I Picked the Wrong Day to Stop Sniffing Boat Glue bandcamp
  • SECT – We carry their crosses bandcamp
  • Son of Dad – Another Boring Night bandcamp
  • The Anchormen – Luke’s Mom bandcamp
  • Carlos Dingo – Twelve years bandcamp
  • Carlos Dingo – Country man bandcamp
  • Owl & Antler – Deal With a Demon bandcamp
  • Future Theft – Stay Grounded bandcamp
  • Martha – 1978, smiling politely bandcamp
  • The Anchormen – Morning After Club bandcamp

What happened to Samuel?



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