Stumble Start – Finishing Strong

After some severe difficulties I recover from crashing software and sound problems, which forced a late start and then a second late start, to bring you an excellent #OO and after party. Big props to RobLeather for coming in with a $30 donation and dedicating it to Teighnted, so they get get Co Producer credits for last nights festivities. as always excellent art work by MartinJJ.Stumble Start - Finishing Strong Show notes assembled by Amsterdammack. And Just because I forget to mention it sometimes Voidzero rocks.

#OO for 1/10/2014

  • NIL – NIL – Fix Me Up (Mastering) Jamendo
  • The Dead Rocks – Boogie Splash Crash Jamendo
  • The House of the Old Boat – Crashes Jamendo
  • Some Skeletons – Grand Hopes Bandcamp
  • Leslie Hunt – Your Hair Is On Fire Jamendo
  • Oh Yeah, the Future – New Brave Face Bandcamp
  • Cavashawn – Out Of My Mind Jamendo
  • Jonathan Coulton – I Feel Fantastic Jonathan Coulton
  • Brad Sucks – Come Back Jamendo
  • Brad Sucks – In Your Face Jamendo
  • George Woods – Lucky One Jamendo
  • Cletus Got Shot – Lady Liberty Bandcamp
  • Paul Klason – Back in the day Jamendo
  • Jamie Rumley – Blind Jamendo
  • T Bird and the Breaks – The Big E.Z. Bandcamp
  • The Wavers – Inigo (extended version) Jamendo
  • The Dead Rocks – Thelephone Call Bandcamp
  • Jason Weinberger and the WCFSO – Debussy – Printemps, II. Modéré FMA
  • AlterRed – A Glitch in Mind (All for Lovers) Bandcamp
  • Candy Says – Dead On Arrival Bandcamp
  • Candy Says – Melt Into The Sun Bandcamp
  • Crete Boom – Flatline Jamendo
  • Blue Ducks – Four, Floss, Five, Six FMA
  • Goo Goo Cluster – Whoops! Jamendo
  • Skabrot – Place where I belong Jamendo
  • Emerald Park – At the Circus Jamendo
  • Emerald Park – Istanbul Bandcamp
  • Pollarstars – Tick Tock Maltine Records (at the moment under construction)
  • Ez A Divat – Deep In The Neitherlands (Sinko remix) Budabeats
  • SFH-Smalltown heavy metal blues – SFH Jamendo



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