Sentimental Feelings Over Robots

15 Mar 2014 by naryno, 2 Comments »

A post time shifting event and an excellent #OO show and After Party. I actually did prep work for last nights show. Then I ended up binge buying on Bandcamp and discovered a lot of new stuff. Life was good. Big props to our Captains as they both came in as Producers for this epsiode ViDouchebag with $100 donation and SaltyHash with 2 Litecoins. Thank you Captains. Then we have the gents that do the work Amsterdammack pulling together shownotes and MartinJJ supplying the album art. Great work gentlemen.

Other than that I miss Bob v1.0

Ninja edit. I forgot to mention if all goes as planned will have the Toothaches live Monday night at 7 PM central time.


Sentimental Feelings Over Robots


  • Ben Walker – (I’ve got this funny feeling I’m a) Living Legend – Bandcamp
  • The Toothaches – STONED – Bandcamp
  • Louis Lingg and the Bombs – twitter riot mastered – Soundcloud (better download before the artist may pulls it off for more space on soundcloud!)
  • Martha – Lost Without You – Bandcamp
  • The Womb – A Minor E Minor – BlocSonic
  • The Maggie Whackers – Pim song macallan – Jamendo
  • Arising – Suppressed Love – Jamendo
  • Other Noises – Other Noises Burn Away – Jamendo
  • Hearse PIleup – Pretty Shiny Things – Bandcamp
  • The Cascos – Calendars – Bandcamp
  • Ukulele Clan Band – Hello, Hello – Bandcamp
  • Pornophonique – Game over – Jamendo
  • Celebration – Tomorrow’s Here Today – Bandcamp
  • Divenere – Monochromatic Butterfly – Free Music Archive
  • Sueño De Dahlia – Quedate – Jamendo
  • Secret Diaries – Soundcloud (better download before the artist may pulls it off for more space on soundcloud!)
  • Garmisch – Truth Is – BlocSonic
  • The Womb – Demons Out! – BlocSonic
  • The Womb – Five Years – BlocSonic
  • Stephane TV – Swan Song (of Our Love) – Jamendo
  • The Toothaches – KITE – Bandcamp
  • ManJah – Kingston Knowing – Bandcamp
  • ManJah – Rudies Give Up – Bandcamp
  • Ukulele Clan Band – It’s alright ma’ (I’m the police) – Bandcamp
  • The Wind Whistles – Good Friends won’t Rip you Off – Jamendo
  • The Cascos – Columbo Bandcamp
  • Professor Kliq – Work At Night Jamendo
  • Ancient Lasers – Inside A Kaleidoscope
  • The Gray Havens – Let’s Get Married Jamendo
  • The Decomposers – Double Penetration Jamendo
  • Ukulele Clan Band – Top of the world Bandcamp

Chatroom Noise

  • Preshow brought to you by Amsterdammack. Hopefully he will start them earlier and get his show up and running soon.
  • <manimal> i feel i need a new “state of McAfee” video every thirty days
  • <manimal> my mucous glows in the dark i noticed this week
  • <SiliconSpin> Whoa, whoa, glowing is my job
  • You know I can tell MartinJJ is not around where he be?
  • oz_tunan> If I did that today, my balls would turn inward.
  • [01:03] <manimal> Bob had AIDS anyway I’m pretty sure.  His fate was sealed either way.  I am not the bad guy in this scenario.  Ryno was careless with Bob’s life.
  • [01:04] <MartinJJ> manimal: yeah…lets depress him some more
  • [01:04] <MartinJJ> maybe we can make him cry on air
  • [01:04] <oz_tunan> Its all your fault Ryno!
  • [01:04] <oz_tunan> He’d be alive if you didn’t do what you did. :p
  • <manimal> this will probably get me kicked in the virtual balls but what the hell ….
  • * manimal pokes teighnted in her boob with his large stick
  • [01:59] > Ok guys. The truth. Your not twenty anymore:
  • [02:07] <teighnted> this is seriously a great track though. even with the “butt fucking”




And remember life is better when we share

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  1. Good shownotes great album art, but you forgot to mention Monday evening!

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