Fit And The Conniptions

7 Jun 2014 by naryno, 3 Comments »

Another excellent edition of the #OO show this time featuring Wayne Myers of Fit and the Conniptions. We talk music beer and buskering. Big thanks to MartinJJ for the Album art.

Fit And The ConniptionsEnjoy!


Chatroom Noise


And remember life is better when we share

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  1. Wayne says:

    Thanks for having me on the show, Ryno. It was great fun and a very pleasant way to end a long day of busking.

    Thanks also for introducing me to some great new music – tonight, entirely thanks to you, I have been mostly listening to Burning Bright, and I need to check out some more The Dead Rocks. And other stuff.

    Thanks also to MartinJJ for that artwork. Looks great. Just to clarify, I do not actually have a tattoo of the Sleeping Beauty / Bush of Thorns artwork on my face.

  2. Sorry for not making it in time for the show! Also the lack of album art is my fault, but I thought I might add the link to the TED talk:

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