Little Spied & Kik Smartphone People

Another excellent #OO show featuring Kik from Spiedkiks. We discuss their lack of twitter and how grandmas will always support you even when they don’t understand what you are doing.

MartinJJ pulled double duty during the show putting together show notes and album art as Amsterdammack was actually hanging out in person with our musical guest Kik. He did a great job making sure we had a good connection and after 36 hours straight of being awake he comes back to finish the show notes.

We had two producers for the show as SaltyHash came in with a 5.5 LTC donation and MajorDowner comes through with a $25 donation for his second producer credit.

Little Spied & Kik Smartphone PeopleAnyways enjoy. And once again a big thanks to Kik for coming by.




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3 thoughts on “Little Spied & Kik Smartphone People

  1. Amsterdammack June 21, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    Apart from the Whiskey at 7 am that was a great night!

  2. That probably was not a good idea.

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