Rock the sick bones

In case you’ve been wondering I was sick the last few days, so there have been no daily posts by me. Actually I felt so sick, that I could not really listen to new tracks or work on one of my planned cc-beginners series, that I will explain next week a bit more.

So I thought on my way to work this morning, that I am in need to get up rolling again. I looked at the albums on my phone and created a playlist out of DR. Mindflip, Bored with Four and Dazie Mae and what can I say, it did the trick! I arrived at work without getting into a rain shower and was about 2 minutes quicker than usual. This really matters to you, if you have to go for an early shift to work on your bike! So get in good mood and be a more efficient slave by listing to a mix of those three great albums 😀



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