Talented Women Mix Their Way In

Another excellent #OO show.

We celebrated the last day of the ccmixter big summer music fest! Fun was had by all Susan aka SackJo22 stopped by for a random moment. Later on Snowflake joined us during the afterparty for an interview that got lost into the ether. Got introduced into a bunch of great new music and had a fantastic night.

Talented Women Mix Their Way InOh big thanks to SackJo22 for letting me get first dibs on her newest track. I caught Snowflake by surprise when I played it later. Let’s not forget our Captain’s that came in to produce last night show. ViDouchebag and SaltyHash matched donations for a total of $50. MartinJJ does an awesome job with the album art. Amsterdammack does the same for show notes.

Enjoy the show.


Loudog - Music by-nc-sa
Aniqatia - Peregrine by-nc-sa
Alex - Come Home (ft. spinningmerkaba) by-sa
earritation - ELEMENTALITY Feat. Plegio (ft. COFFEE EUROPE) by-nc
Admiral Bob - Dysfunctional, baby (ft. snowflake) by-nc
Hans Atom - Hearts on Fire (ft. Panu Moon) by-nc
Unwoman - Beauty Over Industry by-nc-sa
Unwoman - I Could Have Killed the King by-nc-sa
Annie SewDev - Howling At The Sun/ Ginseng Song by
Alex - Two Turntables And A Microphone-Unplugged (ft. KCentric) by-nc
Beltaine's Fire - Bard, Poet, Rapper, Scribe by-nc-sa
earritation - Life by-nc
Zep Hurme - A Foolish Game (ft. Snowflake) by
snowflake - Peace in the Garden (ft. Sackjo22, MyFreeMickey, Chuck Berglund, Javolenus, Marijn de Boer) by-nc
Aniqatia - Shark Bay by-nc-sa
Kismet - Brighter, weather by-nc-sa
Kursed - Tsa tsa tsu by-nc-nd
LoveShadow - You Made It Up ^ (cdk Mix) (ft. Loveshadow) by-nc
Professor Kliq - Work At Night by-nc-sa
snowflake - Our Big House (ft. alexjc916, Vidian, George Ellinas) by-nc
snowflake - Jah Wisdom (Change) (ft. Michael Burnz, Jeris) by-nc
Speck - Ari's Dada Lobster Dance (ft. CSoul, Ari) by-nc
airtone - byTheRiver by-nc
Patronski - Living in Harmony (ft. Snowflake, Javolenus, Martijn de Boer) by-nc
SackJo22 - Now We Are One (ft. Texasradiofish, Unreal_dm, Rey Izain) by-nc
SackJo22 - Abundance (ft. Snowflake) by-nc
Jeris - Triggernometry (ft. PattsiPeng, Admiral Bob (admiralbob77)) by-nc
Admiral Bob - TraLa (ft. SackJo22) by-nc
Unwoman - Flowering Vines by-nc-sa
Unwoman - Specimen by-nc-sa
Aniqatia - The Cost by-nc-sa
unreal_dm - Say Goodbye (ft. snowflake) by-nc


Chatroom Noise
Unfortunately this section is lacking for last nights show.

4 thoughts on “Talented Women Mix Their Way In

  1. Not sure if I like the license info this way, because it looks so unstructured. I just did not like to use the animated gif-files that some artists have on ccmixter as “album-art”. It reminded me of a geocities webpage when I looked at the listing, so I took the album art away and added the license information instead.

    I also have to say that without MartinJJ’s help, it is not easy to follow the conversation in the chat, because I have only one monitor. Hope he is back next week and we get better shownotes!

    1. He always is such a great help in putting them together.

  2. I’m still wondering if your broadcasting software or the Pintsize bot can’t scrape the playlist and license information. I guess that would save all of us a lot of work.

  3. You mean we could concentrate on listening to the show? Sounds awesome 😀

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