Angry B. & Welder B. Screaming Oh Oh

Angry B. & Welder B. Screaming Oh OhOn a heartwarming #OO show I get to announce the engagement of 2 #OO regulars. @teighnted and @RobLeather are getting married!! LGY!!! The #OO show helping people get lucky since 2011.

Thanks to both of our Captains for donating to help produce this weeks #OO show. ViDouchebag came in at $100 and SaltyHash with 7.99 to be this weeks producers. I also need to do a make good on GummyNerds donation for the last weeks Top Ten show. Thank you and I will keep rocking awesome tunes for y’all.

Thanks to MartinJJ for album art. And A second thanks to MartinJJ and to Amsterdammack for putting together the show notes.

Anyways enough of this yapping lets get onto the show!


Engaged: Angry Boner & Welder Boobs – fucking bunnies

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