Lee Rosevere Is One Happy Puppy

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Lee Rosevere Is One Happy Puppy#OO for 6/05/2015 for your listening pleasure. Our guest tonight is Lee Rosevere of happy Puppy Records and he is a Happy Puppy

Big thanks to our Captains for producing the show again. ViDouchebag donated $33 in the name of HMPF and SaltyHash came in with 8 ltc.

Big thanks to MartinJJ for shownotes and album art.

Anyways enough yapping on with the show!




Lee Rosevere

Chatroom Noise

  • <manimal> i bet she is sexy behind that mic
  • <teighnted> i totally want to shave the queen now.
  • <teighnted> MartinJJ: i haven’t even been here a full day. don’t take away my Canuck status so quickly.
  • <teighnted> MartinJJ: it’s not quite illegal… Rob and I got married!
  • <aDudeNamedBen> where are we goin’ get rubber paints our size
  • <Amsterdammack> http://www.cccafe.nl/  sept 4th 2015
  • <RynoTheBearded> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Lehrer
  • <RynoTheBearded> http://robpaulsenlive.com/
  • <RynoTheBearded> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWWnmPzNEZ0
  • <ViDouchebag> no more canadians to make fun of unless your brother comes by
  • <MartinJJ>Found some shiny pants for Ryno: http://bin.snmmd.nl/m/vdowxuqp9dlk_wdp720.jpg
  • <edward> For men of a certain to enjoy Sailor Moon there’s got to be an underlying pedophilia involved, eh?
  • *manimal hugs his Sailor Moon body pillow
  • <kraai> http://moviemezzanine.com/wp-content/uploads/brony-tale_web_3.jpg
  • <edward> No checks, please, make it rain dolla bills all over New Jersey
  • <MartinJJ>Want to be a cop? http://bin.snmmd.nl/m/a2ywrhups3vh_wd640.jpg
  • <manimal> i cant believe how much peanut butter i’ve gone through recently
  • <Amsterdammack> I got an extra testicle!
  • <ViDouchebag> cumander of seaman is going to fuck europe like a wrecking ball
  • <edward> perhaps increased american spending in europe will be the trigger for the global economic collapse
  • <Amsterdammack> fuck forgot to vote on the last track
  • * manimal passes silver his sticky Sailor Moon body pillow
  • <manimal> goddamn i’m stoned ^^^ that’s funny
  • <RynoTheBearded> http://imgur.com/a/gXiNU#lgfWQFN
  • <edward> I must say today’s batch is extra skunky as well
  • <SaltyHash> burnin the gigglebytes
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