Not Available On Mini Disc

#OO for 8/12/2016 AKA Still Weird

Not Available On Mini DiscThanks to MartinJJ for the awesome album art and show notes.

Enough of this yapping on to the show


Chatroom Noise

  • <progo> so we’re not doing the long OO show now
  • <SaltyHash> whatever, that’s just void behind his curtain
  • <mtnvortex> I need my goofy little hat.
  • <mtnvortex> It was always amazing to see the things people would leave for the movers to see.
  • <SaltyHash> caught a feesh with me teeth
  • <dt01> i’ll be impressed when someone catches zika with their teeth
  • <genewitch> i still have my minidisc portable recorder and mic and preamp
  • <SaltyHash>
  • <SirBemrose> I really like you guys.  You make me feel like I’m not the oldest person in the room.
  • <RynoTheBearded>
  • <dt01> POTUS is getting a new car
  • <SaltyHash> hopefully they fixed this:
  • <progo> I dunno what it’s like for the presidential air-winnebego 747 though
  • <dt01> i know Trump is also pretty attached to his current pilot, wonder how that’s going to work out
  • <RynoTheBearded>

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