Aliens Took My Pintsize Away

#OO for 10/7/2016 AKA Automation

aliens-took-my-pintsize-awaySo I have dug deep into teh spreadsheets and continue to grow what is tagged with the express intent purpose of trying to get as much details on stuff on the way in. Here is the official spreadsheet for your enjoyment. And this beast is set to auto update every time I pull a new csv of all pintsize’s votes.

Big thanks to MartinJJ for Album artwork.

Enough of this yapping on to the show

0:00:00 – Yury – Growing Pains  by nc nd
0:06:36 – waterpistol – Bloody People  by nc nd
0:10:20 – The Dirty Moogs – Julie’s An Android Remix  by nc
0:15:25 – The.madpix.project – When The Sun Goes Down  by nc sa
0:19:09 – Kellee Maize – In Tune – Remix 2 (2017 brand new!)  by
0:24:13 – Maxwell Powers – Saturday  by nc sa
0:28:28 – Maxwell Powers – Lightning Rods To Your Defense  by nc sa
0:32:52 – Jeffrey Philip Nelson – We Will Be  by
0:36:05 – Jeffrey Philip Nelson – Trouble Will Come  by
0:39:19 – waterpistol – Through Your Window  by nc nd
0:43:02 – J Burn – Entranced  This track is on FMA under a download only license I removed it from the download
0:47:47 – Mastermind XS – Aliens  by nc nd
0:52:53 – Replicants – Turn On The Lights Of The Space Ship  by nc nd
0:59:49 – The Neverending Youth – Friday Night  by nc nd  jamendo
1:02:02 – BlunderBox – The Walls Ate My Sister’s Dog  by nc sa
1:05:46 – Indytronics – Irony Hunters  by
1:09:19 – Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – The Census Taker  by nc sa
1:13:13 – The Stoop – Motions  by
1:13:23 – Yury – Moments  by nc nd
1:21:51 – The Gunshy – Stage  by nc sa
1:24:24 – The Gunshy – Someone Else Should Sing  by nc sa
1:27:17 – The Gunshy – Happy Hour  by nc sa
1:30:30 – The Stoop – Motions  by
2:06:13 – The Gunshy – Write Better Songs  by nc sa

Chatroom Noise

3 thoughts on “Aliens Took My Pintsize Away

  1. Hi! This is the Neverending Youth band! We really appreciate the fact you have taken our song on the air and you can make us more happy only if the link would lead the way to our bandcamp page. Hope you’ll understand and reply. Your Neverending Youth:)

    1. Awesome thanks for noticing I play it. Great track goes along with the theme of the show. I made the main link to your bandcamp page but kept the jamendo link also. With my show focusing on creative commons licensing, I prefer to keep a link back to where I found the license. I hope you understand. Bandcamp does offer the ability to put it under the same license. I could drop the jamendo link at that point. If you ever want to stop by for an interview let me know and we can make it happen.

      1. The Neverending Youth October 23, 2016 at 12:13 pm

        Thank you very much again! It would be awesome if we make something like an interview. For now, we prefer text-only format, if you don’t mind. Please let me know, how can we keep in touch not using this ‘comments’ section. I suppose the email is shown near my comment for you? Please send there a couple of words.

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