Top 1#OO

top-1oo#OO Top 100 for 2016, as voted by the listeners of the #OO. Originally aired on 12/31/2016 over 9 hours.

Big thanks to Captain ViDouchebag for his $100 donation to become tonight’s producer.

Big Thanks to MartinJJ for the excellent album art.

Without further ado enjoy some awesome music!

Oh final spreadsheet

Part 1

100. G8 – From the Basement  by nc sa
99. Hissing Pallas – Maggots Eat the Moon  by nc sa
98. Pinegrove – Aphasia  by nc sa
97. The Blend – Fluorescent White  by nd
96. G8 – Sidewalk To Somewhere  by nc sa
95. The.madpix.project – Edge (Radio Edit)  by nc sa
94. Jimmy and The Threats – Silly Guy  by nc sa
93. Bomb the Music Industry! – Does Your Face Hurt? No? ‘Cause It’s Killin’ Me!!!  by nc sa
92. Roller Genoa – Nasty Friend (Demo)  by nd
91. Bored with Four – Another Holiday (Live 2016)  by nc nd
90. Bomb The Music Industry! – 25!  by nc sa
89. Hissing Pallas – Last Defender  by nc sa
88. G8 – Front Porch  by nc sa
87. Kevin MacLeod – Americana  by
86. Tarra Layne – I Thought That Bitch Moved (Acoustic)  by nc nd
85. Jacob Haller – Stale Tequila  by nc
84. Ziegler Co. – Clarity  by nc sa
83. Tarra Layne – Heated  by nc nd
82. Vienna Ditto – Motherless Child  by nc
81. Bomb The Music Industry! – (Shut) Up The Punx!!!  by nc sa
80. Beach Craft Bonanza – Unsafe At Any Speed  by nc sa
79. Jimmy and The Threats – How I Met Your Sister  by nc sa
78. Slow Corpse – Matches  by
77. Cheese N Pot-C – The Cut Joint  by nc sa
76. AJC & The Envelope Pushers – Dreams  by nd

Part 2
75. sans gluten – volkswagen  by
74. Katie Pederson – 22  by nc sa
73. Boogie Belgique – Week-End  by nc nd
72. Yury – Dogma  by nc nd
71. Vienna Ditto – Frank Account  by nc
70. Fit and the Conniptions – Move On  by sa
69. Hairy Larry – Dragonflight  by sa
68. Ziegler Co. – Tunnels  by nc sa
67. The Blend – Control  by nd
66. Beach Craft Bonanza – Yr Excused  by nc sa
65. waterpistol – Always and never  by nc
64. Kevin MacLeod – Hyperfun  by
63. CrumbSnatchers – Rubber Trees  by nc nd
62. Kevin MacLeod – The Show Must Be Go  by
61. CrumbSnatchers – Shut The Fuck UP  by nc nd
60. Harriet J Woodcock – Jessie Tells Me  by nc sa
59. Forget the Whale – Giants  by
58. Cheese N Pot-C – Check 1, 2  by nc sa
57. Chalk Dinosaur – Groovy Jam  by
56. The Brothers – FIGHTING MOOD  by nc nd
55. Harriet J Woodcock – How To Curse
54. The Sharp Things – Union Chapel/There’s Been No One Since You  by nc nd
53. The Kinky Fingers – Buzz and Bee  by sa
52. Paul and Storm – Westerosi Pie  by nc sa
51. The Impossebulls – No Country For Old Men (D’s Muddy Water Breakfix Mixx)  by nc sa

Part 3
50. The Willing – America  by nc sa
49. Jeff Rosenstock – Festival Song  by nc sa
48. The Blend – The Bandit  by nd
47. Ziegler Co. – Waking Up At Sunset  by nc sa
46. Colour Me Wednesday – In Your Shoes
45. Vienna Ditto – Go Down Moses  by nc
44. Mercury & The Architects – Tonight  by
43. Boogie Belgique – The Bartender  by nc nd
42. Citizens Of The Empire – Power Is Not To Be Conquered, It Is To Be Destroyed  by
41. The.madpix.project – Wish You Were Here (Instrumental)  by nc sa
40. Ziegler Co. – Grind Me Down  by nc sa
39. Shana Falana – Cool Kids  by nc nd
38. Pinegrove – Then Again  by nc sa
37. Janina & James – Sweet Love  by nc sa
36. waterpistol – Through Your Window  by nc nd
35. Slynk – Gorilla On The Floor  by
34. Holly Gol – Devil Do  by nc nd
33. Savoy Motel – In One Ear and Out the Other/Watermelon Fats  by nc nd
32. The Gunshy – No Gods, No Bastards
31. 3 – The Willing – Laurens A Bitch  by nc sa
30. Show Me Island – Ring Around and Run  by nc nd
29. Upbeat Sneakers – Here We Go Again  by nc sa
28. Candy Says & Marc Canham – Superhero  by sa
27. Jeff Rosenstock – Wave To Goodnight To Me  by nc sa
26. Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – I Do Admire Your Courage…  by nc sa

Part 4
25. Candy Says & Marc Canham – Dead On Arrival  by sa
24. Upbeat Sneakers – Hope And Glory  by nc sa
23. Jeff Rosenstock – To Be A Ghost…  by nc sa
22. Hairy Larry – Church  by sa
21. Cloudjumper – Frozen Water  by nc sa
20. Vienna Ditto – Ticks  by nc
19. Kevin MacLeod – Professor Umlaut  by
18. Jupiter Cats – Ma Cherie Est Mort  by nc sa
17. Icon Girl Pistols – I Quit The Beatles  by nc nd
16. Jupiter Cats – Reinventing The Bomb  by nc sa
15. Rom Com – Astronaut  by sa
14. Chalk Dinosaur – Studio 4  by
13. Big Boy Tomato – Wuppertal  by nc sa
12. Kevin MacLeod – Ryno’s Theme  by
11. Vienna Ditto – Barracuda  by nc
10. BlunderBox – Babyface and A Cigarette  by nc sa
9. Vienna Ditto – Busted Flush  by nc
8. Chalk Dinosaur – Air Around Us  by
7. Ziegler Co. – What A Life  by nc sa
6. Chalk Dinosaur – Breathe On You Crazy Diamond in the Sky  by
5. waterpistol – Who But You For My Broken Heart?  by nc nd
4. Cloudjumper – Winds in Fall  by nc sa
3. Kevin MacLeod – Who Likes to Party  by
2. Daddy Long Legs – Evil Eye/ The Stranger Rides Tonight  by nc nd
1. Chalk Dinosaur – Donutman  by

Chatroom Noise

  • Nothing here yet
  • But things will appear over the next 9 hours
  • Maybe you could get a link into the chat description…
  • ?
  • RynoTheBearded>
  • <progo> they are obsessed with shitty world pop music, K-Pop, and electronic covers of bad pop music
  • -*- progo has the OO stream plugged into an acoustic vibrator stuck up his ass
  • <BlueDouche> OO forever. Ryno is the God of Creative Commons/Open License tunes
  • <Fips> that’s funky
  • <BlueDouche> Too bad Manimal isn’t here.
  • <RynoTheBearded> need to message him we may be able to summon him
  • <RynoTheBearded>
  • <BlueDouche> Not asking for requests; isn’t that kind of OO today.
  • <RynoTheBearded> out of 1700+ tracks this is what was voted to be the top 100
  • <Booshibonton> for all we know this band’s prolly out ukraine
  • <BlueDouche> is loving that guitar distortion thru the amps
  • <SpookyR> it’s all goey and grey
  • RynoTheBearded> you might want to get that looked at
  • progo> trouble eating:
  • <RynoTheBearded>
  • <amsterdammack> 5 minutes left of 2016
  • <SpookyR> happy nude year!  /me throws off bra
  • <amsterdammack> I can not understand what RynoTheBearded said too loud to hear the show…
  • <progo> RynoTheBearded, sex shops always have bottles marked for sampling
  • <RynoTheBearded>
  • <teighnted> huzzah!
  • <teighnted> itm
  • <teighnted> Seaman Willie (aka Captain Adorable) thinks that ringing in the new year with a new diaper is top shelf 😛
  • <RobLeather> progo How else will it fly?
  • <SpookyR>×166.jpg
  • <Doug> i had a coupon
  • <SpookyR> !v5
  • <SpookyR> wood cock only for you, ryno
  • Talk about roosters
  • <SpookyR> why do the brothers sound like they’re like german.  are they?
  • <amsterdammack> “The Brothers” – this is the Country-Blues Band from Donetsk, Ukraine.
  • <SpookyR> ukraine close enough lol
  • <RobLeather> Well, so long as we have such a lovely couple as Tommen and Margaery to watch… wait… what did you say?
  • <KarmaKing> i have to watch Gilmore Girls episodes 2-4. They’re already rumoring about making more.
  • <Roll_SK> i’m canadian
  • Roll_SK> totes don’t mind being a cool uncle
  • <SpookyR> 🙂
  • <Roll_SK> the one with the sports car and the big tv
  • <Doug> 🙂
  • <teighnted> progo: he’s an infant. everything corrupts hi
  • <RobLeather> RynoTheBearded it was Robert Newton
  • <Roll_SK>
  • KarmaKing> I used to rent foreign films from this little shop. According to some old govt act any movie not released in the USA is fair game to be bootlegged so he had tons of asian bootlegs for rent.
  • <SpookyR> “It’s super good yummmmmm~! <3 hearts less than three”
  • <KarmaKing> Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes In Vaccines All Found Murdered~
  • <b0at> they all got eaten by the same alligator
  • <b0at> it’s either from 1998 or it’s ironic
  • <progo> causing constipation
  • ViDouchebag> I fuciing love those sea otters
  • <SpookyR> thanks japan, love the word salad titles
  • SirBemrose> The best thing IMO about the Ryno show: I had given up on music because I couldn’t stand the bald-faced and litigous corporate greed.  This show proves that there is music untainted by that poisonous climate
  • <Doug> progo: Topless man chased people after a night out to ask them about lemon meringue pie | Metro News
  • <Roll_SK> that’s heating with wood anything colder then -10
  • <Roll_SK> damned stove is a little too big for this house
  • <Roll_SK> i only had a hoody under my jacket
  • <Booshibonton> can anybody link a newyears youtube stream?
  • <Roll_SK> and like, only a t-shirt under the hoody
  • SirBemrose> I’d rather have a $177 million dollar bill, personally.
  • <progo> SirBemrose, just wait a few years for hyperinflation to kick in
  • <SirBemrose> Thanks, Obama
  • RynoTheBearded> i exercised so I could eat pizza
  • <Roll_SK> #confusedboner
  • <Roll_SK> do things you love
  • <Tlan> 34 sounded old when i was 24 but most of the people i saw that were 34 hung out at bars and smoked and drank 24/7
  • <Roll_SK> i have dogs
  • <SpookyR> i have pillows

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  1. Looks like the RSS feed only has part 1. Is that intentional?

    1. Sorry it does. For some reason I could not get the all parts to insert into the enclosure correctly.I will take another look at it after work and see if I can get it corrected.

  2. No worries. Thanks!

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