Big Ass Desks, Bikes, Hailstones And Waterloss

#OO for 3/10/2017 AKA A few days ago I woke up tomorrow

Big thanks to MartinJJ for Album artwork.

Enough of this yapping on to the show

0:00:00 – Jeff Rosenstock – Introduction  by nc sa
0:00:31 – Jeff Rosenstock – You, In Weird Cities  by nc sa
0:08:39 – Jeff Rosenstock – Hey Allison!  by nc sa
0:10:20 – Jeff Rosenstock – Wave Goodnight to Me  by nc sa
0:13:13 – Pinegrove – Aphasia (live)  by nc sa
0:20:09 – Candy Says – C’est Pas Comme Ça  by sa
0:23:43 – Candy Says – Kiss Kill  by nc sa
0:28:07 – Paul and Storm – Nun Fight (Live)  by nc sa
0:33:42 – Molly Lewis – Road Trip (live) – 4/26/08  by nc sa
0:39:58 – Matthew Tyas – Lag  by nc sa
0:43:01 – Matthew Tyas – Newbee  by nc sa
0:48:06 – Daddy Long Legs – Evil Eye/ The Stranger Rides Tonight  by nc nd
0:54:42 – Lorenzo’s Music – Roulette  by sa
0:59:16 – Vienna Ditto – Feeling Good (live)  by
1:04:21 – Candy Says – Melt Into The Sun  by sa
1:08:45 – Candy Says – Lord’s Mistake  by sa
1:12:49 – Jeff Rosenstock – I’m Serious, I’m Sorry  by nc sa
1:16:43 – Jeff Rosenstock – …While You’re Alive / Perfect Sound Whatever  by nc sa
1:22:48 – Calexico – All Systems Red  by nc sa
1:29:25 – Savoy Motel – In One Ear and Out the Other/Watermelon Fats  by nc nd
1:37:02 – S.A. Bach – Coelacanth  by
1:40:05 – Hairy Larry – Church  by sa
1:45:10 – Rob Warren – Four Walls (live)  by nc sa
2:26:28 – Jeff Rosenstock – Beers Again Alone  by nc sa

Chatroom Noise

  • <SirBemrose> ErrorLoudKeyboard?
  • SpookyR> it’s UBER HACKER speak
  • <SirBemrose> RECORD THAT
  • <SpookyR> RynoTheBearded perplexing compliance insanity <– show title
  • <SirBemrose> If you’re clever, you can get sex and drugs at the same time.
  • NicktheRat> it was nice to listen to while drinking wine in the shower
  • <SirBemrose> Show title: Becoming a better asshole
  • * SpookyR lubes NicktheRat’s rathole
  • SirBemrose> You can avoid that exploit by moving your birthday later in the year.
  • <SaltyHash> he’s kneading dough for sticky buns?
  • It <SirBemrose> SaltyHash – Let’s not go back into Nick’s rathole.
  • <SirBemrose> Ryno’s trying to delay his comcasm for as long as possible.
  • <SirBemrose> Something’s gotta give.  Quit your job and you’ll have more time to find new music.
  • <SpookyR> SirBemrose maybe i do
  • SaltyHash> just dangling processes
  • <RynoTheBearded>
  • SirBemrose> “Live in our recording studio”
  • <SirBemrose> Show title: Weighty Mature Iranian Groundjay
  • <SirBemrose> This sounds like it was recorded by a microphone behind the bar.
  • SirBemrose> We need an intervention here.  The things Jeff is doing to that poor guitar violate the Geneva conventions.

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