Rocking Free Music Will Set You On Fire

#OO for 3/3/2017 AKA Second Move in a Year, I am a Little Tired

Big thanks to MartinJJ for Album artwork and shownotes.

Enough of this yapping on to the show

0:00:00 – Riff Action Family – 01 – My Way  by nc nd
0:09:09 – The Bets – You Are Scared To Do What You Wanna  by nc sa
0:12:42 – Biting Elbows – Biting Elbows – Kill The Cooks  by nc sa
0:21:00 – Attractive Eighties Women – I Made Out With Your Mom  by nc sa
0:25:14 – B.M.C. Big Mountain County – 1945  by nc sa
0:29:58 – Antarctigo Vespucci – You Don’t Scare Me!  by nc sa
0:33:32 – The Impossebulls – Subterranean Homesick Blues  by nc nd
0:36:25 – The Impossebulls – The GetBack  by nc nd
0:40:08 – Cassette Tape Bandits – Kids Say The Darndest Things  by nc nd
0:43:42 – sans gluten – volkswagen  by
0:48:26 – WE ARE FM – No Words (Director’s Cut)  by nc sa
0:54:01 – Garmisch – You Come Get Your Boy Now  by nc nd
0:57:04 – Garmisch – City Sounds  by nc nd
1:02:29 – Moonlands – Shake, I Shook  by nc sa
1:07:44 – David TMX – Wax  by nc sa
1:10:17 – Bebop Banger Pumper – Sick Like That  by nc nd
1:15:01 – The Dada Weatherman – Fuck It  by sa
1:18:55 – Ava Luna – Past the Barbary  by nc
1:23:09 – George Woods – Lucky One  by nc nd
1:29:25 – Heifervescent – The great collapsing circus  by nc nd

Chatroom Noise

  • <SirBemrose> This is number {{RynoDiscombobulatedException}}
  • <progo> dammit i meant to buy more beer this week
  • <MartinJJ> life sucks and then you’ll die….
  • <progo> i love rynothebearded’s ‘ahh…’
  • <SirBemrose> Ryno’s “aaahhhhh” needs to be in a beer commercial.
  • <ViDouchebag>
  • <SirBemrose> Dude, you’ve totally got the voice to do the Berzerker
  • <MartinJJ> I’m eating chips with my beer. Not sure why you guys call them crips, because they are chips.
  • <SirBemrose> MartinJJ – Actually, I believe the correct term is “oily carbohydrates”
  • <MartinJJ>
  • <MartinJJ> yoga balls:
  • <SirBemrose> CC music needs a gatekeeper.  They don’t have the recording industry to decide who’s a hit and who goes home hungry.
  • <MartinJJ> wow. try make that
  • <MartinJJ>   Atlanta has a similar giant aquarium/window. Great to see.
  • <SirMathieu> crossing my stream with yours Ryno! ITM
  • <MartinJJ> Hard to be a Robber in Russia
  • <MartinJJ> creative envelope


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