Lot’s Of Music And Cookies In The Fridge

#OO for 4/21/2017 AKA The forgotten epsiode

Thanks to our producer Captain ViDouchebag for his $30 donation!

Big thanks to MartinJJ for Album artwork.

Sorry for the delay. Life has been crazy lately we had a live only #OO last week and I was even slow to catch up on posting. As crazy as work is I can’t even promise I will be on time on Friday.

Enough of this yapping on to the show


0:00:00 – Lorenzo’s Music – Chocolate & Cocaine  by nc sa
0:07:17 – Lorenzo’s Music – Bags Of Color  by nc sa
0:11:10 – Lorenzo’s Music – I Never Wanted To Say  by sa
0:16:15 – Dofhei Project – Squeeze my soul  by nc sa
0:20:39 – Kismet – Hey Champ!  by nc sa
0:23:32 – Son Little – Carbon  by nc nd
0:26:04 – Son Little – Doctor’s In  by nc nd
0:32:00 – Calexico – All Systems Red  by nc sa
0:38:36 – Savoy Motel – In One Ear and Out the Other/Watermelon Fats  by nc nd
0:46:13 – Daddy Long Legs – Evil Eye/ The Stranger Rides Tonight  by nc nd
0:56:02 – The Impossebulls – The GetBack (Dr. Mindflip’s Medicinal Mix)  by nc nd
1:00:57 – Spiedkiks & Timothy Wisdom – Loop Brother  by nc sa
1:04:20 – Spiedkiks (feat. Goodbar) – Bee Sting  by nc sa
1:08:34 – Ridgway – First One (Feat. Celina Ventanilla)  by nd
1:13:39 – Show Me Island – Ring Around and Run  by nc nd
1:16:42 – Show Me Island – I Wouldn’t Beg  by nc nd
1:20:26 – Show Me Island – I Don’t Know Anymore  by nc nd
1:24:39 – Isaac Graham – When I Find Gold  by nc sa
1:29:14 – Stuart Ross – Some Trouble  by
1:32:58 – Bralitz – My Island  by nc nd
1:35:30 – Rasmus Rasmussen – Tale of The Farmer’s Daughter  by nc sa
1:40:55 – Lorenzo’s Music – Low  by nc sa
1:45:30 – Upbeat Sneakers – Here We Go Again  by nc sa
1:48:43 – Skabrot – Bored Reality  by nc sa
1:52:06 – Skabrot – Place where I belong  by nc sa
2:24:46 – T Bird and the Breaks – Blackberry Brandy  by nc sa

Chatroom Noise

  • <RynoTheBearded> I work I eat I sleep
  • <SirBemrose> Well if you ever want to get away from the stress there’s always unemployment
  • <SirBemrose> And remember, violence can be an effective coping technique.
  • <progo> COFFEE!
  • * progo often freeloads on porn while listening to #OO Show
  • Show title:
  • XXX Hardcore Deadlines
  • Webcam pop quiz
  • I work I eat I sleep
  • Captain Negatives Theme Ideas


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