The #OO’s difficult second episode?

#OO for 3/23/2018 AKA A Song For the #OO

Wow it has been forever. In a very special return of the #OO we have Nigel of Vienna Ditto and Keiran/Karen/Kareen/ as a southerner I needed a translation for your northern accent and apologize for getting your name wrong. But here recently we supported Vienna Ditto’s difficult second album Indiegogo campaign at the level they are writing and recording a song for the #OO. We brainstormed and Nigel took some notes. Now I provide him links in the show notes to the songs we played.


Vienna Ditto

Enough of this yapping on to the show


0:00:00 – Vienna Ditto – This Is Normal  by nc
0:07:17 – Tornado Reynoso –  by
0:11:10 – Jonathan Coulton – I Feel Fantastic  by nc
0:16:15 – The Toothaches – I Feel Fantastic  by nc
0:20:39 – Kevin MacLeod – Ryno’s Theme  by
0:23:32 – Spiedkiks (feat. Goodbar) – Bee Sting  by nc sa
0:26:04 – For Example John – Intergalactic Girl  by nc nd

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