Better late than ever!


Better late than ever! Here is the #OO top 100 for 2019!

Also for some reason I always have an issue with getting the multi file episodes to show up in the feed right. So if it is not showing up you may need to grab it from my site or directly.

100. Omonoko – Tired Eyes  by nc nd
99. Robo Dukun – I Want My Dinner  by nc nd
98. Roller Genoa – Time Well Spent  by nc nd
97. Jon Worthy and The Bends – This Ain’t The Way – Live  by
96. Cullah – Breakup Breakdown  by sa
95. Barefoot McCoy – Summer in My Soul  by nc nd
94. Nicholas Burgess – Caveman Fuzz  by nc sa
93. Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass – Bright Light  by sa
92. Lilly Wolf – The Devil You Know  by
91. Icon Girl Pistols – Goodbye Donuts (Hey, Statue of Liberty) [2018]  by nc
90. Cullah – I’m On My Way  by sa
89. SPIEDKIKS – One 2 One  by nc sa
88. Cullah – I Got One Thing  by sa
87. The Polish Ambassador – Amoeba Party  by nc sa
86. SadMe – Boy  by nc nd
85. Omonoko – Wild Heart  by nc nd
84. The Polish Ambassador – Space Escalade  by nc sa
83. The Polish Ambassador – Escape Jupiter  by nc nd
82. Stefan Kartenberg – Its Time (ft. Veta Sky)  by nc
81. The Toothaches – SLEEP  by nc sa
80. Mournful Skank – Catharsis  by nc nd
79. Chablis – Squirrel Hunt  by nc sa
78. Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – Hate Secretary  by nc sa
77. NICOCO – Le Beau Blaireau  by nc nd
76. Kinematic – Broken Strings  by nc nd
75. RogerThat – Lucky Day  by nc nd
74. Lilly Wolf – Kitchen Knives  by nc nd
73. Professor Kliq – Nothing Stops Detroit  by nc sa
72. Mournful Skank – The realm  by nc sa
71. Cheap Sleaze – Freeze Queen / Troll Trap  by nc sa
70. Red Crickets – Flowers (From Her Gun)  by nc nd
69. Michael Ellis – Summer  by nc sa
68. Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – Petulant Messiah  by nc sa
67. Lilly Wolf – Disaster  by
66. Cullah – Spectacullah Vernacullah  by
65. Cullah – Gloriful  by
64. 2 Mello – Sweet Talk  by nc
63. texasradiofish – You Make Me Smile (ft. Dave Merrick, Copperhead, ElRon XChile, Jenny Mayhem, Patrica Edwards)  by nc
62. Kinematic – Red Card  by nc nd
61. SadMe – Mourning Day  by nc nd
60. Omonoko – Animals  by nc nd
59. Cullah – Turn Tail And Run  by
58. Parker – Charlie II  by nc nd
57. Dale Crover Band – Sell Out  by nc sa
56. Red Crickets – The Prisoner  by nc
55. Living Camboya – Bonzo  by nc nd
54. Emerald Park – Rules Don’t Apply  by nc nd
53. Barefoot McCoy – Be My Moonlight  by nc nd
52. Jon Worthy and the Bends – So Alive  by
51. THE DLX – Problems  by nc nd
50. The Spin Wires – Eyes Get Wide  by nc
49. Robin Grey – The Hackney Gentrification Song  by nc sa
48. THE DLX – Always  by nc nd
47. Banana Cream – Whenever is the Right Time  by nc nd
46. Les Sans Culottes – L’Histoire Des Les Sans Culottes  by nc nd
45. Kinematic – Slow Burn  by nc nd
44. The Spin Wires – Time is a Fire  by nc
43. Quivers – Master of Dirt  by nc sa
42. DALMAS Emmanuel – Lorelei (Girl version)  by nc nd
41. Lilly Wolf – Everybody On Your Block  by
40. Monkeyland – Oscar Goldman  by nc nd
39. LukHash – Walkman  by nc nd
38. 2 Mello – Love Passion  by nc
37. The Spin Wires – Night Life  by nc
36. HonH – All Novels  by nc nd
35. John Fletcher – Voices  by
34. Lilly Wolf – Love Too Serious  by
33. FeelX – Tale of a lifetime (feat. Luca Calabrese)  by nc nd
32. Professor Kliq – Out Here At The Outersphere  by nc sa
31. The Devil Music Co. – Dance Till I’m Younger  by nd
30. Professor Kliq – Chaos  by nc sa
29. Niki J Crawford – Countosh – Niki J Crawford – The Second Truth  by nc nd
28. The Spin Wires – So Hot  by nc
27. MOGU – Dancing Like Fire  by nc nd
26. Parker – Television  by nc nd
25. The Polish Ambassador – Earth Versus the World  by nc sa
24. MOGU – Svens Hotel  by nc nd
23. Red Crickets – Flesh  by nc nd
22. Cullah – Behemothian Rhapsody  by sa
21. Cullah – White Crow Flies  by
20. Jeff Rosenstock – The Internet Is Everywhere  by nc sa
19. Roller Genoa – Challenger  by nc nd
18. The Spin Wires – Just A Fling  by nc sa
17. Kellee Maize – Shining  by nc nd
16. phildann – FLIP  by nc
15. The Devil Music Co. – Second Star to the Right  by nd
14. Bralitz – Douche Manouche  by nc sa
13. George Capon – Breathe  by nc sa
12. The Gunshy – Remember When You Used To Want To Die  by sa
11. Chablis – Big Blue Truck  by nc sa
10. Turbo Lightning – Give a Man a Brain  by nc sa
9. Kinematic – Davy Jones  by nc nd
8. The Polish Ambassador – Electrons Orbiting Melancholy  by nc nd
7. Mike Phirman – Pollo Mono Pato  by nc sa
6. Cullah – I Don’t Mind It  by
5. Aldenfield – Running Out Of Time  by nc
4. Cartel – By Your Side by Mallz & Deron Alek  by nc nd
3. Cullah – Conduct  by
2. The Spin Wires – Here She Comes (Right Yes Definitely Yes)  by nc
1. Radio Nowhere – Sister Rosa  by nc sa

Remember the content of this show is released on a cc-by license. The tracks contained within retain their original license, see the show notes for more information. To listen live come by on Friday nights at 6pm US central time on the #OO-stream. You can find it at There are almost always people there ready to talk music or anything else you may enjoy. most of all remember to support the artists and musicians who make the show possible by releasing their music under a creative commons license. With out that, this show would not be possible.


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