You doing alright?

Welcome to the weekly #OO Top 10 show for December 4, 2020, where we recap the top tracks as decided by the voters of the #OO chat. You can take part by going to and voting for your favorite Creative Commons tracks.

Big thanks to tonight’s producer Seaman Gummy Nerds with his $9.99 donation.

Link to this weeks spreadsheet.

We have tabulated and correlated all the votes and I now present you this weeks best tracks.

10. Take – Lilo 	by nc sa
9. Pierce Murphy – Greenpoint 	by nd
8. Jon Worthy and The Bends – Help Me – Live 	by
7. Final Round – Final Round 	by nc nd
6. Cullah – Hurrycane – Live 	by
5. OWTRIPLEBANG – Another Lifetime 	by nc sa
4. Carter Vail – Tigers on Trains 	by nc nd
3. Beefy – How Bout U 	by nc sa
2. DEgITx – Pixel Rain 	by
1. Jonathan Mann – Corona Crazy Time 	by nc

Remember the content of this show is released on a cc-by license. The tracks contained within retain their original license, see the show notes for more information. To listen live come by on Friday nights at 6pm US central time on the #OO-stream. You can find it at There are almost always people there ready to talk music or anything else you may enjoy. most of all remember to support the artists and musicians who make the show possible by releasing their music under a creative commons license. With out that, this show would not be possible.

3 thoughts on “You doing alright?

  1. Hi Ryno,
    Hope all is well. I haven’t been able to get the 12/4/20 show through Apple Podcasts and there is no player window on the blog post. Lucy loves listening to the #OO in the truck on the way to the trail and if she doesn’t hear the soothing dulcet tone of your voice soon she’s gonna get a bit uppity which can be a bit problematic when you are inches from the edge of a cliff and she is attached to your wrist.


  2. mostly in monasteries.

  3. European glory, and even after

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