#OO Top 100 of 2020! Part 3

Welcome to the yearly #OO top 100 show for 2020, where we recap the top tracks of the year as decided by the voters of the #OO chat! You can take part by going to http://ryno.cc/chat and voting for your favorite Creative Commons tracks. I am doing this a little different this year and will be releasing it as 3 parts as the feed always seems to get a little funky.

Link to this year’s spreadsheet.

We have tabulated and correlated all the votes and I now present you this years best tracks!

Part 3

33. Freedonia – Shut up 	by nc nd
32. Doctor Popular – It’s a Quarantine Thing (feat. Mega Ran) 	by nc sa
31. C-Doc – Ain’t Gettin Enough / March On, Amerika / Hard To Here 	by nc sa
30. Doctor Popular – Get Dumb 	by nc sa
29. Ashay Raut – Feeling ft. Shanghamitra Guha 	by nc nd
28. DEgITx – Phoenix 	by
27. Jeff Rosenstock – DEPT OF FINANCE 	by nc sa
26. Doctor Popular – Permanent Staycation (feat. Cartoon Violence) 	by nc sa
25. Doctor Popular – Multiverse Quarantine (feat. Jonathan Mann) 	by nc sa
24. THE SAME PERSONS – Ocean 	by
23. Pierce Murphy – Icebox 	by nd
22. All My Friends Hate Me – Blood 	by nc nd
21. Champagne Jerry – Bobby Bonilla 	by nc nd
20. Doctor Popular – My Machine (feat. LEX the Lexicon Artist) 	by nc sa
19. Majed Salih – Eyeillfals 	by nc nd
18. DEgITx – Dropping 	by
17. Mercury And The Architects – Loophole 	by nc nd
16. Freedonia – Running to nowhere 	by nc nd
15. The Grammar Club – That Robot Sh*t (feat. Schäffer The Darklord) 	by nc sa
14. Garmisch – Glimmer (The Boom And The Bap Remix 2020) 	by nc sa
13. Jonathan Mann – Let The Old People Die 	by nc
12. Millio – Another World 	by nc nd
11. Stereoshape – Pirate Song 	by nc sa
10. DEgITx – Snow Butterfly 	by
9. Jonathan Mann – No People In The Future 	by nc
8. Jeff Rosenstock – N O D R E A M 	by nc sa
7. Jonathan Mann – Fuckin’ Covid 19 	by nc
6. Jonathan Mann – Corona Virus Anthem 	by nc
5. Deanmoore – Cannot Run / Cannot Hide 	by nc nd
4. Paris byzance – Tout est sous controle 	by nc nd
3. CULLAH & SPIEDKIKS – Be Nine to Thrive (The Hollenbach Remix) 	by
2. OWTRIPLEBANG – Happy Friday 	by nc sa
1. The Grammar Club – Tawillicker Jones Confronts the Opposition 	by nc sa

Remember the content of this show is released on a cc-by license. The tracks contained within retain their original license, see the show notes for more information. To listen live come by on Friday nights at 6pm US central time on the #OO-stream. You can find it at https://rynothebearded.com/chat/. There are almost always people there ready to talk music or anything else you may enjoy. most of all remember to support the artists and musicians who make the show possible by releasing their music under a creative commons license. With out that, this show would not be possible.

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