Top 100 for 2023 part 2!

Welcome to the yearly #OO Top 100 for 2023! where we recap the top tracks as decided by the voters of the #OO chat. You can take part by going to and voting for your favorite Creative Commons tracks.

We have tabulated and correlated all the votes and I now present you part 2 of this years best tracks!

66. Nicholas Burgess – All-Night Midnite Monstervania 	by nc sa
65. Home Front – Overtime 	by nc nd
64. LINALAB – Angles Morts 	by nc sa
63. DJ Kenneth A – Stingray Redux 	by nc nd
62. Koresma – South Swell 	by nc sa
61. Jeff Rosenstock – LIKED U BETTER 	by nc sa
60. Koresma – Pull Me Through 	by sa
59. Deka Sul, The Polish Ambassador – Savannah 	by nc
58. Koresma – Canyon Walls 	by nc sa
57. Nicholas Burgess & The Killer Bee Relay Team – Grave Plot (The Plot Thiccans) 	by nc sa
56. caseJackal – WHEN I SAY GO 	by
55. Smokin Souls – Domestic Life 	by nc nd
54. Koresma – Offshores (Banyan Remix) 	by nc sa
53. DJ Kenneth A – Out (feat LeahLeah) 	by nc nd
52. The Dark Clan – King Louie (cat song #1) 	by sa
51. Friday Pilots Club – Would You Mind 	by nd
50. Dance for the Dying – Rubicon 	by nc nd
49. Jon Worthy – Dyed My Hair Blue 	by nc nd
48. The Blasting Company – Remember Then (feat. Charles De Castro) 	by nc sa
47. Nicholas Burgess – Creepies 	by nc sa
46. Jon Worthy – Give It Up 	by nc nd
45. Kirk Pearson – The Rat King 	by nc sa
44. Jeff Rosenstock – DOUBT 	by nc sa
43. The Blasting Company – Dizzy in Sunlight (feat. Ashley Nguyen DeWitt) 	by nc sa
42. Dance for the Dying – Bob Ross 	by nc nd
41. Koresma – Waves 	by nc sa
40. Home Front – Jupiter 	by nc nd
39. Lung – Cash Machine 	by nc sa
38. Friday Pilots Club – Poison or Patience (feat. OSTON) 	by nd
37. Dope Saint Jude – For You (War) 	by
36. Olympics – Away 	by nc sa
35. GalaxyTones – Illusions 	by
34. GalaxyTones – Healing 	by

Remember the content of this show is released on a cc-by license. The tracks contained within retain their original license, see the show notes for more information. To listen live come by on Friday nights at 6pm US central time on the #OO-stream. You can find it at There are almost always people there ready to talk music or anything else you may enjoy. most of all remember to support the artists and musicians who make the show possible by releasing their music under a creative commons license. With out that, this show would not be possible.

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