21 Nov

Lorenzo’s Music- Downtown

Did not know this existed. Apparently was shot for the onion.


21 Nov

This Public Life Smile Live

I do love this song it always makes me wanna smile.

19 Nov

Thomas Allan- Sensation

Download it from Jamendo

18 Nov

Rocking Your Organic Socks

#OO show from Nov, 16 2012 one hell of a rocking show. Thanks to MartinJJ for the art work.

Download here

17 Nov

You Me Tree

Dang good creative commons album.


16 Nov

Acceptable in Mississippi


Check out the music in the background. It is Lorenzo’s Music with their track “You Got to Feel It Tonight”

and it made me lol

16 Nov

The FrostWire Compilation

I have been playing a bunch of tracks off of this the last few weeks. You will recognize a bunch of them as you look through but here it is so you can check it out.




14 Nov

My new home.

It is still under construction, but I am going to start migrating over to here from now on and I will be updating the site as I go along an hopefully adding some kick ass features and content.
But to start it off I present you T Bird and The Breaks.

11 Nov

The Captain Negative Free Episode

I don’t always post my shows. But when I do they rock.

download here

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