Serviced At The Local Supermarket

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Another excellent #OO show for your listening pleasure. During the after party I experimented with a little streaming and showed off my Audio Surf skills. Before I go any further let me thank the people who do their best to make me look good. Amsterdammack and MartinJJ together do great work putting the show notes together. Amsterdammack did a lot of work in behind the scenes in wordpress to make the formatting with the post look as good as possible.  MartinJJ comes in with album art again. Thank you gentlemen for making me look good. A big thanks to our Captain SaltyHash for coming in with a 1.6666667 LTC donation for another producer credit. Enough of this yapping lets get to the show notes. Serviced At The Local Supermarket


01 Second DamWalk Across The CountryLicense: cc-by-nc-sa 02 These EstatesI Can’t WaitLicense: cc-by-nc-sa 03 B.M.C. Big Mountain CountyMy timeLicense: cc-by-nc-sa 04 Jorge BernsteinJoe CoolLicense: cc-by-nc-nd 05 ChablisThanks For ThatLicense: cc-by-nc-sa 06 Levi StromMamaLicense: cc-by-nc-sa 06 Levi StromWounded KneeLicense: cc-by-nc-sa 07 These EstatesHe Said She SaidLicense: cc-by-nc-sa 08 ONSINDAnnieLicense: cc-by-nc-sa 09 Jamie KuntzThe Next ChapterLicense: cc-by-sa 10 Team Smile and NodHappyLicense: cc-by-sa 11 The Dark ClanGoalsLicense: cc-by-nc-nd 12 Spatial UnityDream FrequencyLicense: cc-by-nc-nd 13 SpiedkiksMos Eisley CantinaLicense: cc-by-sa 14 SpiedkiksLittle Smartphone PeopleLicense: cc-by-sa 15 World’s Greatest GhostsThe Royal CourtLicense: cc-by-nc-sa 16 Ace Bushy StripteaseMy Hand Could Be Yr WifeLicense: cc-by-nc 17 RETROSONICSmoked And StonedLicense: cc-by-nc-nd 18 RETROSONICThe Hipster SongLicense: cc-by-nc-nd 19 Sakura YuraCity Lights ReflectionLicense: cc-by-nc-sa NSFW 20 SpiedkiksA Man Is Just A ManLicense: cc-by-sa 21 SpiedkiksThe Day BeforeLicense: cc-by-sa 22 These EstatesAmerican LoverLicense: cc-by-nc-sa 23 These EstatesRegretsLicense: cc-by-nc-sa 25 Street ViolenceOutsideLicense: cc-by-nc-nd 2.5 HU 26 Mourning AfterOnce Over TwiceLicense: cc-by-nc-nd 2.5 HU 27 Room 101TerrorballLicense: cc-by-nc-sa 17 RETROSONICRock N’ Roll RiffLicense: cc-by-nc-nd 23 KarmafishBurning GasolineLicense: cc-by-nc-sa 28 The Freak Fandango OrchestraAt World’s EndLicense: cc-by-sa

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