Let’s Bet We’ll Save The World

An extra special #OO show featuring Jurgen from The Freak Fandango Orchestra were he kicks of their crowd sourcing campaign!! Check it out and make sure to support them at http://www.verkami.com/projects/7294-nuevo-disco-de-the-freak-fandango-orchestra it is a great project and make sure to let them know you came from the #OO show. We got a stretch goal for support for the #OO show. Producers are Captain SaltyHash with a 7.77777 ltc donation and Captain ViDouchePad $140 to help get the Freak Fandango Orchestra to a $100 euros to do a cover :). Album art from MartinJJ. As always enjoy


Let's Bet We'll Save The World




Random rambling from the chat room.

Team Dayglo


progo> martinjj can draw me stuck on the toilet

The Grey cup that is a thing?

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the #oo credo http://31.media.tumblr.com/94965ee233ee3846c6ab1d64bb1d94e5/tumblr_muf0gkQt5V1qfkj1ho1_500.jpg





The deal is if they raise 100 euros from the #OO they will do a cover of George RR Martin Write Like the wind by paul and storm

700 from the #OO they do a naked dancing video


<RegimeToppler> Did it not have a capital before?

<silver> ottowa has been the capital since at least 1993

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