Helium Boobs on A FUBAR Friday

bSo we had a mild FUBAR on Friday when my PC randomly shut down. I edited it back together without a single clean cut. You know clean editing is outside of my realm of specialty. But anyways it was a pretty damn good show. Big thanks to our producers Captain SaltyHash with his donation of .17 btc and 10 ltc donations and a new donor trying out the  some of the LiteCoins Salty had given him and na_nutzo decided to send 1.02 ltc along. Finally as always big props to MartinJJ for the excellent album art.


Helium Boobs On A Fubar Friday



Paul and Storm – Opening Band  cc by nc sa
Burning Bright – Apathetic cc by nc sa
Tickle – My Wee Tribe  cc by nc sa
The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Late as usual cc by sa
Rick Reed, Than Hung, Randall, (Gypsie) Hammond, Mr T, Michele Lloyd, Thao – So Hard to Thrill  cc by nc sa
Dickey F – BLACK AND WHITE STRIPES  cc by sa
M.A.M.I. – Been a long time cc by nc nd
Urbantramper – Your Lung Meridian (featuring French for Rabbits) cc by nc sa
Decent Lovers – Beautiful Houses cc by nc
Plugs – Less Is More cc by nc sa
W.A.S.A.B.I. – Fake World cc by nc nd
Crimson Blue – Forest (Atonement) cc by
P.O.BOX – Whatever They Said cc by nd
Louis Lingg and the Bombs – Destroy Civilisation cc by nc sa
Tit Patapons – Tit Patapons – Save Ze World [texte : Antxoka] cc by nc sa
Burning Bright – Ellingtopia cc by nc sa
undersco – Blue Draggish cc by nc sa
Brad Sucks – Come Back  cc by nc sa
duckett – Wired But Disconnected (ft. narva9, Pitx) cc by nc
Fresh Body Shop – Stop For A While cc by nc nd
Felixjd – Felixjd – rising_withoutfear cc by
Lyall Moloney – Broken Fiddle cc by nc
Beltaine’s Fire – Bard, Poet, Rapper, Scribe cc by nc sa

recording fail
It took 4 songs to get back running
maybe just record 2 more hours from the afterparty and you will have a full show again
Yeah but the point of not recording so I can carry on a bit more
And it is more important to me to have people here live 🙂

Paul and Storm – Critical Fail cc bync sa
The Gasoline Brothers – Psychosomatic Heart Failurecc by nc sa
Paul and Storm – Critical Fail cc by nc sa
Silence is Sexy – Come Back To You cc by nc sa
La Dame Blanche – Surveillance cc by nc sa
Ska and Pipes – Ska and Pipes – Life is cc by nc sa

Captain “What the hell???”

Hot Fiction – Thump cc by nc nd
Lorenzo’s Music – Just Had To Let You Know cc by sa
14 – SFH-Smalltown heavy metal blues – SFH cc by nc nd


Now for the randomness


#OO for Nov 15 2013


Itm Y’all


TGRH = Thank God Ryno is here


Remember everything said here is for the record



“Rob Leather is late as usual.”

This should work better


Works like a charme!




[01:50] <RobLeather> Why does my addled brain keep thinking that PintSize is a person? :$










[02:13] <SaltyHash> I think I prefer the new PM PintSize protocol, clutter free

[02:15] <SirDSCinOR> eeenie meenie miney mo….which joint am I gonna LIGHT uo to start the weekend RIGHT?  This one….right…..here

[02:39] <teighnted> Helium implants. that would totally be the way to go

[02:41] <teighnted> yeah, but think about the laughs you could have if they laughed during foreplay!


“We need some damn pit maintenance”

http://www.owningpink.com/2010/02/18/20-things-every-woman-should-know-about-her-vagina http://i.imgur.com/ElZSS6r.jpg

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