UniBoob NOOOooooooooo!!

I am trying to be quick about this. Another excellent #OO show. I even tried something a little different this time. There are actual show notes with some of the randomness that comes out of chat.

Big props to our producer of this episode Captain SaltyHash with a .33 btc donation, the btc has had a wild ride over the past couple of weeks I am just curious were it will end up. Thanks also go out to our official Map Maker MartinJJ for his excellent album art. Enjoy

UniBoob NOOOoooooooo!


    Brad Sucks – In Your Face cc by nc sa
    Nasimiyu – Time is a Train cc by nc sa
    Suhov – Skunn cc by nc nd
    Umoja – Iku Aka cc by nc nd
    Stereoshape – So Loud cc by nc sa
    Umoja – Inyanga cc by nc nd
    Nil – Lost in My Head cc by nc nd
    Radio Nowhere – Alabama cc by sa
    The Mom Rockets – Stargazing cc by nc sa
    Biting Elbows – The Enjoyers cc by nc sa
    Playhaus – I Am Me cc by nc sa
So I randomly offered up this  and we ended up with these notes
Remember the No Agenda Stream needs support http://www.itmbox.com/campaigns/december-stream/
http://tumblr.4gifs.com/post/65670697595/tea-bags-commercial —— manimal likes this so you don’t have to
<SirGene> he (GitmoSlave) said ‘fuck the chatroom’
Someone said the ocean was toilet water blue, then someone else said their toilet water was never blue.
[01:47] <na_nutzo> My toilet had the blues after I got done with it this morning.
<SaltyHash> hard to imagine plumbing being a relatively new phenomena
1:37 central itm, sat, nov 2. Still open. Ryno is in bed, I think. 😉
Ryno is the most bearded/unbeardedest guy in the whole widest world! lgy!!!
We all have our differences, in the end we all have to poop.
Ryno! Ryno! Ryno! itm.


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